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CleverJoe Classic Reviews:
  • Kawai MP9500 Stage Piano
    This is it, ladies and gentlemen. An outstanding instrument, this piano arguably has the finest piano hammer action in it's price range.
    CleverJoe classic review and product info
  • Kawai ESX Digital Stage Piano
    Portable piano, 88 weighted keys provide a piano touch shockingly close to a real grand. Three thumbs up.
    CleverJoe classic review and product info
  • Korg SP-300 Stage Piano CleverJoe Classic Review
    The SP-300 Digital Piano is the answer for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of a lightweight, portable instrument. With a choice of internal speakers or not, the SP-300 piano can fit the needs of any practicing or performance situation. Good choice for professional musicians and students alike.
  • Roland RD-700SX Digital Piano
    Multisampled grand pianos, true piano hammer action and portability makes this piano extremely attractive to gigging musicians.
  • Roland RD-300SX Digital Piano
    Developed at the same time as it's big brother (RD-700SX), this is a lightweight, nicely portable digital piano. Uses true 88-note piano samples from the Fantom-X and Roland's progressive piano hammer action.
  • Roland FP-5 Digital Piano
    Sit down to play an FP-5 and you'll immediately notice the quality of the keyboard, which uses real hammers rather than springs.
  • Roland FP-2 Digital Piano
    A lightweight and compact digital piano with the realistic feel of a fine concert grand.
  • Roland F-100 Digital Piano
    88 hammer-action piano keys, great sounding grand piano samples, built-in cabinet speakers.
  • Roland MP-70 and MP-60 Digital Piano
    Affordable and attractive digital piano with cabinet and speaker system.
  • Roland F-50 Digital Piano
    The Roland F-50 digital piano is both affordable and stylish, ideal for entertaining the neighbors. Unless they are annoying neighbors. In that case break out the bagpipes.
  • Yamaha YDP223 Digital Piano
    The Yamaha YDP223 is a popular and affordable digital piano in a stylish stay-at-home cabinet that would make any living room proud.
  • Yamaha P90 Digital Piano
    Yamaha's acclaimed graded hammer-effect keyboard provides the expressive feel and response of an acoustic piano.
  • Yamaha PF1000 Digital Piano
    While built with the piano player in mind, the pf1000 also offers a perfectly massive sound library with over 800 voices including rich grand pianos, strings, vibraphone, organs and many more.
  • Yamaha pf1000 Home Digital Piano
    The professional piano player will truly appreciate the acoustic piano touch and playability of this piano.
  • Yamaha YDP-121 88-Key Piano
    Excellent choice for beginning or advancing piano students. A great looking and sounding 88 key weighted hammer action piano.
    CleverJoe classic review and product info
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