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Kawai MP9500 digital piano product review. Electric Pianos, Keyboards, Synths.
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Kawai MP9500 Digital Piano

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Kawai MP9500 Digital Piano

Kawai MP9500 Stage Piano

Kawai MP9500 Stage Piano
This is the cream of the crop ladies and gentlemen. Kawai has created an outstanding instrument with the MP9500 stage piano. A step up from the legendary Kawai MP9000, this piano arguably has the finest piano hammer action around, with a nice selection of controller functions as well.

Where to buy the Kawai MP9500 Digital Piano
You may be lucky enough to find a used one lurking around. One of the very best places to look of course, is eBay.com Musical Instruments Listings. For all you Canadians out there (CleverJoe sees you wearing your touques and drinking Alexander Keith's) visit eBay.ca Canadian Listings for used digital pianos in Canada.

Also, check out Musician's Friend Keyboard Gear or Music123 Keyboards for the newest Kawai and other digital pianos.

"The best in any electric keyboard yet made"
"I use the MP9500 in place of a grand to practice on because of it's superb touch-sensitive action, the best in any digital piano yet made. I travel a lot, and because of its portability and use of headphones, I can play it anywhere, at anytime. I've done gigs where I've lined it up against a full-length concert grand and challenged the audience to spot the difference in sound - they couldn't - and the fact that it has an infinite arsenal of fantastic electronic keyboard sounds makes boring practising a thing of the past! It's MIDI capabilities make it an ideal base keyboard for any computer software setup. I recommend it to all my students who have restricted accommodation yet need a realistic and silent substitute for an acoustic piano."

Michael Kieran Harvey - Concert Pianist

Kawai MP9500 Digital Piano Features

Keys: Solid Wood
Weighting: Graded, Counter-balanced

Polyphony: 64 Voice
Sound Generation: Harmonic Imaging

Internal Sounds:

  • Pianos (8),
  • E. Pianos (12),
  • Mallets (4),
  • Organ (6),
  • Harpsichord (2),
  • Drawbars (8),
  • Strings (4),
  • Choir (3),
  • Pads (5),
  • Basses (8)

Reverb Types:
  • Plate,
  • Hall 1,
  • Hall 2,
  • Stage 1,
  • Stage 2,
  • Room 1,
  • Room 2
Effect Types: Sympathetic Resonance, Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Chorus 3, Flanger 1, Flanger2, Ensemble, Celeste, Delay 1, Delay 2, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Rotary 1 (slow/fast), Rotary 2 (slow/fast w/dist.), Auto Wah, Exciter, Enhancer, Overdrive, Distortion, Pedal Reverb

Display: 16 Character x 2 line; Backlit LCD

Front Panel Controls: Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Master Volume, Zone Volume (x4),Zone Edit Select (x4), Zone On/Off (x4), Real Time Edit Knobs (x4), Knob Mode Switch (x4), EFX On/Off, Reverb On/Off, Menu Up, Menu Down (Link Mode), Value Up, Value Down, Single Mode, Multi Mode (System Edit), Single/Multi Select (8x2), Store, Transpose

Back Panel: 1/4" Out Left, 1/4" Out Right, XLR Out Left, XLR Out Right, Headphone Out, Damper/Soft Pedal, Footswitch (assignable), Expression (assignable), MIDI In/Out/Thru, Power Cord Connection, Power On/Off

Zone Modes: Internal, External, Both Internal Zone: Sound Select, Key Range Hi, Key Range Lo, Velocity SW, Velocity Sensitivity, Transpose (24), Volume Damper (ON/OFF), FSW (ON/OFF), Mod Wheel (ON/OFF), Bender (ON/OFF), Bender Range, Pan, Fine Tune, Voicing (Normal, Mellow, Bright, Dynamic)

External Zone: TX Program/Bank, TX Channel, Key Range Hi, Key Range Lo, Velocity SW, Velocity Sensitivity, Transpose (24), TX Volume (ON/OFF), Damper (ON/OFF), FSW (ON/OFF), EXP (ON/OFF), Mod Wheel (ON/OFF), Bender (ON/OFF), TX Bender Range (ON/OFF), TX pan (ON/OFF), TX Fine Tune (ON/OFF), TX Knob A~D CC# (ON/OFF), TX Attack, Cutoff, Decay, Release (ON/OFF), Solo (ON/OFF), Solo Mode

System Parameters: System Channel, Touch Curve (Normal, Light+, Heavy, Heavy+, User 1-2, Off),Temperament (8 Historical + User), Master Tuning, Footswitch CC#, Expression CC#, Local ON/OFF, MIDI Receive Filter (Ch 1~16 Play/Mute), LCD Contrast

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