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Yamaha YDP-121 Digital Piano

The Yamaha YDP-121 is an excellent choice for beginning or advancing piano students.

Yamaha's YDP-121 is a great 88 key weighted hammer action piano, and is also a nice looking piano. The Yamaha YDP-121 digital piano is an improved version of the enormously popular YDP-101, with features most teachers require in a beginning instrument, like good weighted hammer-type action. Yamaha has long been known for having excellent digital piano touch, and the YDP-121's new low price makes this an attractive piano for newer students.

Where to buy the The Yamaha YDP-121 Piano
One of the very best places to look is eBay.com Musical Instruments Listings. For all you Canadians (CleverJoe knows you're out there) visit eBay.ca Canadian Listings for used digital pianos in Canada.

Also, check out Musician's Friend or Music123 Keyboards (Canada, USA, Worldwide) for info on the newest Yamaha digital pianos and other musical instruments.

TheYDP-121 features 32-note polyphony, three pedals, three reverb types, normal and dual play modes, a built-in metronome with speeds from 32 to 280 bpm and time signatures that include 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4. It also features transposition and four settings for touch sensitivity.

It's important to note that the YDP-121 is not MIDI compatible, but Joe guesses that some compromises need to made when offering such a nice instrument at a low price. As far as CleverJoe knows, most acoustic pianos are not MIDI compatible either and they also cost and weigh a whole lot more then the YDP 121.

Yamaha YDP-121 Digital Piano Features

  • Yamaha's famous HE weighted action
  • Built-in woodgrain style key cover
  • 3 Full-functioning pedals including bass sostenuto
  • Beautiful Rosewood-style finish
  • 5 Voices: grand piano, electric piano, harpsichord, organ and strings, with a variation of each voice
  • Nice built-in reverb effects
  • 2-Track sequencer for playback and recording
  • Internal library of piano teaching songs with practice function for left hand and right hand
  • Great sounding built-in amplifier, speakers and power supply
  • Measures 55 3/16"W x 20 7/8"D x 33 3/16"H

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