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CleverJoe Top Music Software Suppliers:
  • Musician's Friend Music Software
    Great selection of music software including digital recording, notation, guitar software and more. Fast, free shipping in the USA.

  • Music123 Music Software
    Worldwide shipping from this long standing online musician store. Musicians in the know have been shopping here for years. Three thumbs up!
  • Music Software on eBay
    Always a good source for music related gear including music software.

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CleverJoe's Top Picks

The following links are good sources for online orders. Fast, free shipping and easy online music stores to shop at. Even for bass players. ouch!

Steinberg Cubase SX and SL Professional music recording & production software.

Serious about your music? Cubase is a complete sampling and recording system whose sound quality, full complement of features and perfect integration of components meet the highest standards.

Image Line FL Studio 7 Producer Edition Virtual Studio

FL Studio (Fruity Loops)
Three huge thumbs up! This is one of CleverJoe's faves! Provides all you need to take dance songs to the next level. It's a hybrid product that combines the best in sound generation and emulation with song creation, and does it all with an interface you can use out-of-the-box. You'll be jamming out to an infinite assortment of electro-induced rhythms in no time at all.

Sibelius music notation software
Sibelius is quite simply one of the very best music notation software programs out there.

Cakewalk Home Studio
A scaled down version for people who think Cakewalk Pro Audio is a little too robust for their needs. Perfect for beginners of digital recording, this is a great multi-track digital recording studio for your PC. Easily record with instruments or microphone, print your music, burn a CD. For many songwriters and musicians, Home Studio does the trick.

Still one of the best music accompaniment programs out there. Great music making software, perfect for backing tracks, building and writing songs, and just plain jamming out. Three thumbs up from CleverJoe.

eMedia Guitar Method
One of the best guitar learning methods available today. Highly Recommended!
150 comprehensive lessons, loads of material included. eMedia Guitar Method.

Home Recording for Musicians for Dummies
The Midi Companion Book Good book that covers the essentials a first-time recording engineer needs to know about setting up and operating a home or project recording studio. Includes information on the latest PC-based recording software and standalone recording devices.
Click here for more computer audio, music software and midi related books.

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Music Software

Check out the latest guitar and music software from Music123. Great choice for Canadians, USA, Worldwide. Low prices, fast shipping.

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