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Cakewalk Home Studio Review

Cakewalk Home Studio just keep getting better and better! Possibly the best all-around home studio recording software packages in it's (low!) price range, Cakewalk Home Studio includes a whole whack of goodies, including some very serious new tools for musicians. The best part is that Home Studio is nice and easy to use.

If you're a musician stepping into the world of digital recording, Cakewalk Home Studio gently eases you into a creative recording environment, providing you with everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful multitrack recording studio. With lots of pro level features not found in most other recording software packages, Home Studio 2004 records up to 24- bit / 96 kHz audio and is designed to let you focus on the creative process of making music.

Home Studio also includes the great sounding EDIROL Virtual Sound Canvas DXi. With over 990 sounds and drum sets, this little 'extra' is actually a HUGE bonus with the software.

One of Home Studio's many pro-level features is support for multi-channel audio cards. This is great if you want to record more than one instrument or audio track at once - perfect for recording live bands with each musician recorded to a separate track.

Want to create some killer drum tracks? It's easy to 'paint' drum tracks with the simple 'click and drag' feature. You can record unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, mix with real-time audio and MIDI effects, and then burn your masterpiece to CD with Pyro Express CD maker and WAV ripper. Cakewalk Home Studio supports ACID-format, MP3, WAV, WMA and MIDI files.

Cakewalk Home Studio features include:

  • Record and play back unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI
  • Simultaneously record your whole band with support for multi-channel audio cards
  • Record up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio
  • Real-time mixing console
  • Loop-based song construction tools
  • Import WAV, ACID™-format WAV,
    and MP3 files
  • Complete library of ACID-format audio loops
  • Support for DXi third-party soft synth plug-ins
  • Includes Virtual Sound Canvas DXi and Dreamstation DXi soft synths
  • Real-time DirectX audio effects: Amp Sim Lite, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Flange, EQ

  • Support for hundreds of available third-party DirectX audio plug-ins
  • ReWire support to integrate Home Studio 2004 with Project5, Reason, and other ReWire synths
  • Support for VST instruments and effects with Cakewalk VST Adapter, available separately
  • Edit and print notation, along with chord symbols, guitar chord grids, lyrics, dynamic markings
  • Unlimited Edit Undo
  • 24-bit and 16-bit audio support
  • Multitrack Piano Roll view
  • Drum Editing Grid with Pattern brush
  • Import and synchronize AVI video to music projects
  • Non-destructive slip-editing of audio and MIDI clips
  • Per-track audio meters
  • Support for all Windows compatible audio hardware through ASIO, MME, or WDM
  • Pyro Express CD-maker and WAV ripper

For anyone wanting to enter the magical world of digital recording, this product is truly an excellent choice. CleverJoe gives Cakewalk Home Studio a whopping three thumbs up!

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