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Drum Software, Loops, Pattern Generators

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  • Drum Software & Drum Loops
    The most current drum software and drum loop collections from Musician's Friend. Fast, free shipping in the USA.

CleverJoe's Top Picks

Fruity Loops (FL Studio)
Fruity Loops has been a long time fave of CleverJoe's. This superb software has evolved over the last few years from a 'cool and quirky' drum machine and electronica pattern generator into a monolithic musician's tool.

CleverJoe Top Pick: Sony ACID Pro 6 Multitrack Recording Software
Sony ACID Pro Multitrack Recording Software
This is one of CleverJoe's fave pieces of software. Acid Pro is an easy-to-use loop-based composition tool with professional power. Designed to record multitrack audio live or in the studio, ACID Pro 6 lets you arm multiple tracks with flexible input routing, record selected events, choose from multiple takes, and punch in and out easily. Pro 6 supports ReWire and VST plug-ins and comes with 20 DirectX effects. Click for more info and pricing...


Fruity Loops (FL Studio)
A long time fave of CleverJoe's, superb drum machine software and electronica pattern generator. Truly a monolithic musician's tool.

Accordance Music Systems
Interactive music software that allows you to play along with music creatively and never hit a bad note. CleverJoe note: Ok you can hit bad notes, but they'll still sound great.

Aussi Beats
Have your own self contained drummer within your computer with a few clicks of the mouse. Nice sounding drum loops, well organized library. A song writers dream, just paste and play.

The best music accompaniment software available. Easily create full background music tracks for your music. CleverJoe loves this one!

Cakewalk Home Studio
Cakewalk Home Studio just keep getting better and better! Possibly the best all-around home studio recording software packages in it's (low!) price range.

Ceol Mor Software
Drum score composition software for traditional drums and bagpipes.

Drum Quest
Drum Quest is a powerful specialty sequencer which is specifically designed to quickly and easily create drum patterns or any other type of pattern based music.

Create great sounding rhythm tracks instantly. Simply copy and paste patterns from the included Library into your sequencer! Included are groove variations, intros, fills and endings for creative song construction. Rhythm track arranging is a breeze.

HammerHead Rhythm Station
Make your own block-rocking drum beats for your sampler/tracker.

Harmonic Metronome
Sponsored by the "Psychic Internet" (which is a bit strange), this is a cool little arpeggio/metronome utility. The Harmonic Metronome produces scales and arpeggios, and is somewhat programmable.

More than automatic accompaniment, the JAMMER creates new and original drum, bass and rhythm tracks each time you compose. Over 200 band styles included.

Little Drummer Boy
Another cool drum loop creation program.

Midi Drum Sequencer
Easy to use tool for practice and experimentation. Create your own drum patterns with Intros, Loops, Fills and Endings or select from the various styles included

Musician's Friend
Excellent online music store source for all kinds of music software, notation, digital audio, etc. Shipping to Canada.

The Muzical Wizard
Nice pattern-based sequencer. Capture and create hooks & riffs, drum-tracks, includes background accompaniments with a variety of musical styles. Cool freeware for the masses.

PC Drummer
Quickly and easily create great sounding drum music. Add your own instrument samples and export drum tracks in midi or wav formats.

Percussion Studio
This is a nice rhythm notation system that lets you easily transcribe rhythms. It can play multiple instrument voices simultaneously, and each track is mutable so you can play along and learn individual parts. You can also use Percussion Studio as a rhythm sampler with WAV files. The program allows simultaneous playing and editing, and plays note changes immediately. Very cool, definitely worth a look.

RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger
RMCA Pro is an auto-accompaniment software for Windows. Songs can be recorded in real time, using the computer keyboard, a virtual keyboard, chord pads or an external MIDI controller.

Create and play your own custom drum patterns with real digitized drum sounds on a Palm handheld. Can also be used as a versatile metronome. CleverJoe firmly believes the world is making the slow transition to living completely inside our beloved cell phones.

Learn to sight-read musical rhythm notation. For PC or Mac.

Smart Loops
Loops are optimized for use in ACID or SONAR but will work with any program that can import WAV files

Windows software synths originally intended for electronic drums and drum-like sounds but can do just about any kind of whacky analog-ish synth squeals.

This is a djembe notation and practice drum software program. Write your own music and rhythms or practice with the software. Yankadi is a nifty little drum and rhythm learning tool.

Jazz Ware
Full featured, audio capable midi sequencer for Windows and Linux.

MIDInight Express
Programmable, software wavetable MIDI player and MIDI to WAV renderer.

Musician's Friend Music Software
Excellent online music store source for all kinds of music software, notation, digital audio, etc.

RePlay Technologies
CD looping software that can also slow down music for transcription.

TASCAM Porta 02 MKII Portastudio Blue
TASCAM Porta 02 MKII Portastudio Blue
Totally portable and great for practice and for recording your musical creations. Features a 4-track cassette recorder with 2-track simultaneous recording capability.
Internet Special

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