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Musician Books: MIDI, Digital Audio, Music Recording

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MIDI For The Professional
By Paul Lehrman, Tim Tully.

MIDI For The Professional is the standard textbook for college-level courses in MIDI in the US and abroad. Received rave reviews Keyboard, the Electronic Music Foundation, the IMA Newsletter, Piano & Keyboard magazine, and many others. This book is perfect for the serious MIDI user, including performers, composers, programmers, multimedia authors, equipment designers. There is simply no better source of M.I.D.I. information. The authors of this great MIDI resource book are Paul Lehrman and Tim Tully, editor of Mix Magazine and former editor of Electronic Musician.



The Midi Companion
by Jeff Rona
Midi Companion The MIDI Companion is a very comprehensive resource book, and can get you up and running in short order. Contains the bare essentials to familiarize yourself with MIDI and what the heck you can do with it. Explains the initial steps to set up a working compilation of MIDI products and concepts such as sequencers, samplers, MIDI-IN/OUT/THRU and more. A great book by Jeffrey Rona, who also writes regular articles for Keyboard magazine.


Basic Midi
by Paul White
Basic Midi Understanding MIDI is essential to the best use of modern musical equipment. Paul White covers the basics of MIDI and MIDI equipment and provides a great introduction to the basics of MIDI.


The Midi Files
by Rob Young
The Midi Files This book is a very practical text which is suited to both absolute beginners and those who have done some basic midi work. Valuable Midi information reference book you'll come back to appreciate again and again. Comes with software.


Going Digital : A Musician's Guide to Technology
by Brad Hill
Going Digital : A Musician's Guide to Technology Without any prior technical knowledge, you'll be able to make music using your computer. The book covers everything from what is digital music through the link between computers and music (and how to make it), the world of MIDI (the Musical Instrument Digital Interface), and using the internet for further resources.


Sound Synthesis and Sampling (Music Technology Series)
by Martin Russ, Francis Rumsey
Sound Synthesis and Sampling (Music Technology Series) This extensively illustrated book will make an ideal reference for students of music technology, audio engineering and acoustics, as well as for enthusiasts, musicians, engineers and multimedia specialists. CleverJoe gives it three thumbs up!


Midi for Musicians
by Craig Anderton
Midi for Musicians This an excellent book for beginners who want to learn how to use their computer to make music.


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