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CleverJoe's Fave Recording Software Suppliers:
  • Music Recording Software
    The most current music recording software from Musician's Friend. Fast, free shipping in the USA.

  • Musician Audio Tools
    Musicians in the know have been shopping at Music123 for years. Great selection of music software, three thumbs up!
  • Music Software on eBay
    Always a good source for music related gear including music software.

CleverJoe's Top Picks

CleverJoe Top Pick: Sony ACID Pro 6 Multitrack Recording Software
Sony ACID Pro 6 Multitrack Recording Software
This is one of CleverJoe's fave pieces of software. Acid Pro is an easy-to-use loop-based composition tool with professional power. Designed to record multitrack audio live or in the studio, ACID Pro 6 lets you arm multiple tracks with flexible input routing, record selected events, choose from multiple takes, and punch in and out easily. Pro 6 supports ReWire and VST plug-ins and comes with 20 DirectX effects. Click for more info and pricing...

Adobe Audition
Formerly known as Cool Edit. Recently acquired by Adobe, this is (for the time being) the same Cool Edit known and loved by many. Digital audio recording, editing, and mixing. This is a fave program of CleverJoe's that gets used in almost every recording project.

Ace of WAV
Excellent sound editor and synthesizer. Includes filtering, virtual room effects, analog synthesis, frequency spectrum analysis, equalization, and much more.

Anvil Studio
Compose, multi-track record and edit with audio & MIDI. Accessories for printing sheet music, ear training, more. Freebie!

Cakewalk Pro Audio
One of the best digital audio recording and sequencing program out there. Cakewalk has been a long time fave of CleverJoe's.

Cakewalk Home Studio 2004
Great choice for songwriters or musicians who don't want to spend a fortune on software. Easily record with instruments or microphone, print your music, burn a CD, make Mom proud.

Cubase SX and Cubase SL
Cubase is a complete sampling and recording software package. One of the most popular programs around, used by professional musicians, producers and engineers all over the globe.

Jazz Ware
Full featured, audio capable midi sequencer for Windows and Linux.

MIDInight Express
Programmable, software wavetable MIDI player and MIDI to WAV renderer.

Studio Recording Session software, an inexpensive midi & digital audio program with professional level features. Good program!
(free demo)

Musician's Friend Music Software
Excellent online music store source for all kinds of music software, notation, digital audio, etc.

n-Track Studio
Multitrack recorder, audio and MIDI tracks, good audio effects, parametric EQ, compressor, more goodies.
(shareware and registered versions available)

PowerTracks Pro Audio
Powerful Software! Digital audio, MIDI sequencing, and notation program. Another CleverJoe fave!
(free demo)

Comprehensive, integrated software for music composition, incorporating notation, arranging, MIDI sequencing and recording together in one package. Copyist is free-form music notation publishing software.
(free demo)

Reed Kotler Systems
Learn music by ear. Software and hardware for slowing down recorded audio while preserving the pitch.

RePlay Technologies
CD looping software that can also slow down music for transcription.

Samplitude Studio
Multitrack recording software, with exquisite audio editing and effects processing.
(free demo)

Slow Gold
Slows down the music from CD-ROM or a .wav file without changing the pitch.
(demo available)

Slow Speed CD Transcriber
Insert a CD, listen to it, adjust the speed and pitch in real-time.
(free trial)

TASCAM Porta 02 MKII Portastudio Blue
TASCAM Porta 02 MKII Portastudio Blue
Totally portable and great for practice and for recording your musical creations. Features a 4-track cassette recorder with 2-track simultaneous recording capability.
Internet Special

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