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Korg Synth Reviews, Product Information. CleverJoe has always had a hankering for Korg synths, especially the old vintage gear (ah...remember the Wavestation EX?).

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 CleverJoe's Top Picks:

Korg microKORG

The microKORG is a MIDI-capable virtual analog synthesizer/vocoder from Korg featuring high-quality DSP analog modelling. The synth/keyboard buids on the classic synth Korg MS-2000, using a more robust (and programmable) step arpeggiator, a very cool (ie: fun) eight band vocoder, and real-time control knobs.

Full CleverJoe Review: Korg MicroKORG


Korg microSTATION

Another fave studio toy of CleverJoe's, the Korg microstation is a nice little setup (especially for songwriters) that is easy to use and would fit nicely into any musician's recording studio, beginner or pro.

Full CleverJoe Review: Korg MicroSTATION


Korg X50

Using the sound engine from the acclaimed Korg Triton heavyweight series of synthesizers, the Korg X50 is a lighter version and still packs a punch in it's more affordable price range.

Full CleverJoe Review: Korg X50


Korg MS1 MicroSampler

The Korg MS1 microSAMPLER is a cool little sampler that allows creativity to come naturally. Includes fourteen-voice polyphony, reverse playback, time stretching and other tools.

Full CleverJoe Review: Korg MS1 MicroSampler


Korg PS60 Synthesizer

The Korg PS60 is synthesizer popular as a gigging keyboard, seen on lots of stages from gritty clubs to high end performances.

Full CleverJoe Review: Korg PS60 Synthesizer


Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer

Like cool sounds? This 37 key synthesizer packs a punch with a compact body, full on vocoder and eight voice synth engine. Great for stage performance or studio recording.

Full CleverJoe Review: Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer


Korg Classic Synths, CleverJoe Top Picks

Korg Trinity Series
The Korg Trinity series still hold their own, These keyboard workstations have exceptional sounds and raw synthesizing power, good sequencing capabilities and are capable of hard disc recording.
Korg Trinity Synthesizer Classic Review

Korg N-Series Classic Synths
Check out Korg's impressive N-series line up of synths. Excellent sounds and specs for your buck.
Korg N-series Classic Review


Remember the Korg Prophecy Solo Synthesizer?
This is a great old Korg synthesizer, a true screamer.
Korg Prophecy Solo Classic Review


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Korg Microkorg Synthesizer/Vocoder
Get a shiny new microKORG at Musician's Friend right now! They have a great deal on this little 37 key synthesizer that packs a lot of punch.

Way up on the CleverJoe cool factor are the dual audio inputs that let you process other instruments through the MicroKorg. Comes with its own mic.
CleverJoe MicroKorg Review

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