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CleverJoe's Top Pick: The Korg MicroStation Synthesizer
Korg Microstation Micro Synth W/Sequencer

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Korg MicroStation Synth Reviews and Product Information
Another fave studio toy of CleverJoe's, the Korg microstation is a nice little setup that is easy to use and would fit nicely into any musician's recording studio, beginner or pro.

The Korg MicroStation Songwriting Tool

Indeed this is a nice little instrument that helps spark creativity. A fave of CleverJoe's, the Korg microstation is a great little songwriter's tool. Easy to use and would fit nicely into any musician's recording studio, beginner or pro. The keyboard is small and compact, offering incredible portability and superb sound using the synthesizer engine of the Korg EDS-i. The microSTATION uses Korg's 61-key "Natural Touch" mini keyboard, has a full digital effects section, dual arpeggiators to spark creativity, and an easy to use 16-track sequencer. Simply put, this synth/sequencer combo makes a great songriter's tool.

microSTATION Features

Whether performing or composing, the on-board sequencer can be anything from an extra set of hands or a powerful drum machine up to a full-blown MIDI production suite. Loop Recording, Grid Sequencing, Song Templates, and One-Step recording features make it easy for anyone to achieve professional results.

Main Korg Micro Station Features

  • Lightweight, compact, and equipped with 61 mini-keys, the microSTATION travels easily and fits effortlessly into any home, stage, or studio workspace.
  • EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated) sound engine delivers high-quality sound in the tradition of KORG's flagship synthesizers.
  • Enjoy 480 outstanding, ready-to-use sounds - including keyboard sounds, synth sounds, drums, leads, basses, etc. Tweak, edit, create and save up to 512 sound Programs.
  • 256 dynamic Combinations place different sounds on different areas of the keyboard, or layer multiple sounds together for exciting performances - right out of the box!
  • Find the right sound fast with eight quickly accessible categories; hundreds of Audition Riffs allow you to preview each sound.
  • A full General MIDI level 2 compatible soundset allows commercial and pre-made MIDI files to be played perfectly and instantly.
  • Designed for comfort and accuracy, our 61-key Natural Touch Mini Keyboard is highly expressive and supports serious playing.
  • Whether performing or composing, the on-board sequencer can be anything from an extra set of hands or a powerful drum machine up to a full-blown MIDI production suite.
  • Loop Recording, Grid Sequencing, Dual Arpeggiators, Template songs, and Auto Song Setup features make it easy for anyone to achieve professional results.
  • SD/SDHC card slot for convenient storage or your custom sounds and songs.
  • USB Type-B connector offers a direct MIDI connection to your computer.
  • Includes both stand-alone and plug-in microSTATION software for detailed sound editing on your computer; plug-in software is VST, AU, and RTAS compatible.

  • microSTATION Sounds and Synthesis

    The portable Korg keyboard's new sequencer features such as Loop Recording and visual Grid Sequencing have been added to benefit the first-time user and to jump-start any type of music production. With the Audition riffs feature finding just the right sound is a breeze.

    EDS-i: The sound of KORG's flagship synthesizers

    The microSTATION features Korg's EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - integrated) premium sound engine, derived from the EDS system found on KORG's acclaimed M3 XPanded and M50 professional synthesizers.

  • Oscillators:
    The oscillator section provides access to 49 MB* of high-quality PCM sources (sampled at 48 kHz) delivering a rich variety or sounds.
  • Filters:
    Indispensible to sound creation is the filter section, offering two high-quality filters for each oscillator. The four filter types - low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject - can be freely combined.
  • Modulation:
    Expansive modulation is also vital. The microSTATION inherits the EG (Envelope Generator), LFO, key tracking generator, AMS (Alternate Modulation System), and AMS mixer from the EDS sound engine, allowing full-fledged synthesis possibilities.
  • Effects:
    The effect section adds the final touch to the sound, allowing you to use up to five Insert effects, two Master effects, and one Total effect. In addition to delay and reverb, you can choose from modulation effects such as chorus, phaser, and flanger; dynamics effects such as compressor and limiter; and amp modeling powered by KORG's proprietary "REMS" technology. The Effect Dynamic Modulation function (Dmod) lets you control effects in a wide variety of ways during performance.

  • microStation Sequencer Review

  • Template songs:
    Template songs are a great way to begin. Each template song loads up the appropriate instruments and pre-routed effects to match a specific musical style. The arpeggiator settings deliver ready-to-use bass and drum tracks. Of course, any track can be changed, edited or rewritten.
  • Loop recording:
    This function repeatedly records a specified range of measures. For example, you can loop a four-measure section and create a drum pattern by recording each of the drums and bass notes individually. Basic editing functions such as copying, erasing, and deleting measures are also provided. This method is similar to recording on a multi-track recorder.
  • Visual Grid Sequencing:
    This is a unique method of entering notes in which the front panel function buttons and corresponding LEDs (01 - 16) to create rhythm patterns as on drum box or step sequencer. Rhythm instruments such as the bass drum, snare, hi-hat, and bass will sound at the timings indicated by the illuminated LEDs.
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiators:
    The arpeggiators provide five preset patterns and 640 user patterns, of which 512 are preloaded. In addition to standard arpeggiator patterns, Korg's polyphonic arpeggiators can produce a variety of chord progressions or phrases based on the notes being played on the keyboard. This advanced arpeggiation system can be used to create drum patterns, bass phrases, guitar riffs and keyboard backing runs. In Combination or Sequencer modes, the microSTATION lets two arpeggio patterns run simultaneously. You can apply separate arpeggio patterns to a different programs, or use split or velocity to switch between arpeggio patterns, providing powerful performance possibilities.
  • Auto song setup:
    Using this convenient function, a Program or Combination (with its arpeggiator settings) can easily be recorded to multiple tracks, creating the basic tracks of your song.

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