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Korg N-series keyboards

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Korg synthesizer workstations: the 61-key N364 and the 76-key N264 keyboards. These babies are packed with sounds. If you took only two minutes to check out every sound program and combination, it would take you over thirty hours. Has some nice features like the arpeggiator, RPPR (Real Time Pattern Play and Record) and more.

What's so cool about them?

Eight Mbytes of PCM RAM
936 sound programs and combi's
215 drum sounds
64 voice polyphony
16 track sequencer
32000 note sequencer
Built-in disk drive (3.5 2HD/2DD)
Arpeggiator (syncable & with very cool templates!)
RPPR - Realtime Pattern Play & Record
100 RPPR sets - trigger pattern loops from assigned keys!
Two independent effects processors
47 stereo digital effect programs

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