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 CleverJoe's Top Pick: The Roland V-Synth
Roland V Synth Gt Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

Roland V Synth Gt Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

Roland's original V-Synth set a high standard for expressive synthesis and sound design, and all of that power is distilled into the 61-key V-Synth GT.

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Roland V-Synth Reviews and Product Information
Simply put, this is one serious synthesizer, letting you easily create your own sounds, pretty much as freakish, or grounded as you like.

Roland V-Synth Features including the Version 2.0 Upgrade:

  • Multiple forms of advanced synthesis under the control of a friendly, icon-driven interface
  • New library of Roland pro sounds
  • Effects section upgrade includes 27 new effects
  • New sample import feature
  • Improved control knob response
  • AP (Articulative Phrase) SYNTHESIS technology models the performance behavior and nuance of acoustic musical instruments for naturally expressive sound
  • Includes Roland's proprietary Elastic Audio Synthesis engine plus Vocal Designer, playable simultaneously
  • Sound Shaper II and Pro Edit mode enable easy and efficient user programming, with quick-access onboard help available when you need it
  • Color touch-screen display with wide viewing angle
  • Editing Sounds On The Roland V-Synth

    Sound creation
    Creating sounds is very intuitive and with a little bit of experimenting, you will be up and running in no time. Serious sound designers will love the complexity and editing depth of the V-Synth GT, but there are many instances where musicians need fresh sounds fast-and that's the beauty of Sound Shaper II. Based on the original Sound Shaper, this enhanced mode lets you choose a sound type, then it brings the most relevant parameters directly to the surface.

    AP synthesis
    The V-Synth GT is equipped with something called AP (Articulative Phrase) synthesis. This type of modeling recreates the ever-changing behavior, nuance, and sound of an instrument as it's being played. The results are expressive and realistic, and can be applied to acoustic instrument simulation as well as new, never-before-heard sounds.

    Express Yourself

    Tones in the V-Synth GT start with analog-modeled waves, PCM waves, or an external audio source, which you can then process with familiar synthesis tools like ADSR envelopes, LFOs, and filters. Non-keyboard instruments such as strings, brass, and woodwinds are also included, and you can apply these characteristics dynamically to any V-Synth GT sound as you play.

    Elastic Audio Synthesis and VariPhrase Technology
    What the heck is it?! Basically it lets you change the pitch, formant, and length of sampled sounds in real time, making them come alive with authenticity. Still not sure? Just play one. It's cool.

    Vocal Designer
    An onboard vocoder with advanced voice modeling, allows you to use the most natural instrument of all-the human voice-to add the ultimate expression to V-Synth GT sounds.


    On the V-Synth GT Version 2.0's rear panel, there are two sets of analog stereo outputs, as well as a stereo line input and an XLR mic jack (with available phantom power) for using the onboard sampling features and processing external sounds with the synthesis tools and effects. Coaxial and optical S/P DIF digital I/O is also provided, supporting sample rates up to 96 kHz.

    MIDI and footswitch connectors round out the rear panel, along with two different types of USB connectors: the MEMORY jack lets you to hook up a USB memory device (such as a flash drive) for quick file transfer, while the COMPUTER jack allows you to swap files with a Mac or Windows PC and use the V-Synth GT as a USB audio and MIDI interface for the computer. This audio/MIDI functionality lets you easily integrate with your favorite DAW software, including recording audio via the external inputs, capturing your keyboard performances as audio or MIDI data, and using the V-Synth GT to process sounds coming from the DAW.

    Other Cool Facts About Roland's V-Synth

  • The full-color touch screen is excellent, easy to see and use. Version 2.0 improves response of the eight universal control knobs.
  • Dug too deep? Need some help with programming the V-Synth? Online help is built right into the synth, providing an explanation of the current function with a simple touch of the screen.
  • For more realtime control, there are multiple dedicated buttons and sliders for adjusting sounds on the fly, and unique dynamic performance controllers like the Time Trip Pad and D Beam.
  • The pitch bend/mod lever-an essential component of any synthesizer-has been augmented in Version 2.0 with a Chromatic Bend feature that allows you to change the pitch in semitone steps.
  • When used in conjunction with the Vocal Designer, the pitch bend can be particularly useful for live emulation of the unusual vocal effects made popular with pitch-correction software plug-ins.
  • To impart a sense of motion to the sound, each tone has a Multi Step Modulator that automates changes to oscillator, filter, and LFO parameters.
  • The built-in arpeggiator automatically creates arpeggios as you play the keyboard.
  • Version 2.0 adds many enhancements that make working with motion features faster and easer, such as templates, block copying, tap tempo, external synchronization, and more.
  • Version 2.0 is a free upgrade available from Roland

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    Roland V Synth Gt Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard
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