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 CleverJoe's Top Picks:

Roland Jupiter-80

Putting the Synth back in Synthesizers. The JUPITER-80 nods to its past with lethal, multi-layered synth sounds so fat you'll need a knife to cut through them.

Full CleverJoe Review: Roland Jupiter-80


Roland V-Synth

Simply put, this is one serious synthesizer, letting you easily create your own sounds, pretty much as freakish, or grounded as you like.

Full CleverJoe Review: Roland V-Synth


Roland Fantom Synthesizer Workstation

Looking for an instrument that helps the creative process flow? The Roland Fantom is a juicy synthesizer designed to keep the music flowing.

Full CleverJoe Review: Roland Fantom


Roland XP Series

A classic series of synths that should still be on the radar for anyone looking for an older synth with some classic Korg sounds.

Full CleverJoe Review: Roland XP Series

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Roland Ax-Synth
Get a shiny new Roland Ax-Synth at Musician's Friend right now! Hit the stage with this sweet guitar synth, fully loaded with it's own onboard sounds.

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