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Cakewalk Pro Audio Review

Scroll down for the Cakewalk Pro Audio review and more links to other juicy software.
CleverJoe Note: Cakewalk Pro Audio has evolved and has been largely replaced by Cakewalk Sonar (see below for more info).

Cakewalk Sonar 4 Studio
SONAR Producer Edition has a well-earned reputation for delivering powerful production tools in a fast, streamlined user interface. With SONAR 4, Cakewalk has added powerful new recording, editing, comping and navigation tools that optimize workflow for today's professional. In addition, version 4 combines innovative surround and AV capabilities along with precise engineering tools. SONAR 4 Producer Edition is the perfect solution for composing, recording, editing, mixing, and remixing music productions; and for providing voice over, score, sound design and post audio for film, TV, video, commercials, and games.

The following links are good sources for online orders. Fast, free shipping and easy online music stores to shop at. Even for bass players. <>

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Cakewalk Pro Audio
Product Review

Cakewalk Pro Audio just keeps getting better and better. Cakewalk is one of the best multitrack recording software packages around. Cakewalk Pro Audio includes a whole whack of yummie goodies, including some very serious new tools for guitarists.

Cakewalk Pro Audio incorporates it's new "WavePipe" audio technology for superb effects processing, mixing control, and playback performance using any standard audio card. This is a very fast and creative tool for professional music and sound production. Get professional-level response to mixing, muting, solo, record, effects parameters, and other real-time audio processing.

Also worth noting is a the ultra cool new Session Drummer plug-in. This is a great tool which allows you to compose and arrange drum tracks on the fly. Drag and drop your way to beat street.

Cakewalk Pro Audio features include:

  • The new "WavePipe" feature delivers instantaneous audio processing performance to all wave compatible sound cards. It also provides professional caliber response to all of the other real time audio functions like mixing, muting, solo, record, effects parameters.
  • You now have direct control over all the advanced features in audio hardware such as DSP effects, SMPTE options, low latency mixing, and busses and patching. Supports the Yamaha DSP Factory, Sonorus Studi/o, and others
    Internet Delivery
  • MP3, RealSystem G2, and Windows Media support allows users mixdown and encode to the standard compression formats for distribution over the internet.
    Guitar Tuner Enhancements
  • offers direct access to a chromatic tuner for tuning guitars and other instruments through the sound card.
    Guitar Amp Simulation
  • a DirectX effect that provides a realistic amplified sound to guitar tracks, with selection of amplifier model, cabinet enclosure, tremolo, EQ, presence, and overdrive
    Fretboard Display
  • provides real time display of MIDI tracks on a customizable guitar fretboard
    Deglitch Filter
  • MIDI guitarists can easily filter out unintended notes with pitch,velocity, and duration controls
    Tablature Display and Editing
  • converts MIDI guitar tracks to tablature display, complete control over guitar type, finger span, and tuning





Cakewalk Home Studio
Cakewalk Home Studio is a great all-around home studio recording software packages in it's (low!) price range.
Click here for a full CleverJoe Product Review

Cakewalk FL Studio (Fruity Loops)
Three huge thumbs up! This is one of CleverJoe's faves! Provides all you need to take dance songs to the next level. It's a hybrid product that combines the best in sound generation and emulation with song creation, and does it all with an interface you can use out-of-the-box. You'll be jamming out to an infinite assortment of electro-induced rhythms in no time at all.


Cakewalk Loop CD: Rockit Fuel Windows
Rockit Fuel is an organic, real feel Pop/Rock/Funk collection that can easily be used while creating other styles of music. Rockit Fuel contains and expands upon loops taken from existing Smart Loops CDs.

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Cakewalk Pro Audio music download, software review. Excellent pro audio digital recording software music program.

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