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Looking for Christmas guitar tab, sheet music or music instruction? Click here.
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Top ten Christmas Gift Idea List For Musicians

Great Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Guitar Players and Musicians!
Happy Christmas everyone, remember to smile lots over the season and don't go too crazy with the gifts. In the words of a very clever man, all you need is love. Click here for last year's top ten list

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Here we go...

Gift Certificates for Guitar Tab, Sheet Music
This is a always a 'safe' but nicely personalized Christmas gift idea for a musician. If you're not quite sure what to give your favourite musician, they will appreciate the option of being able to get the guitar tablature, piano sheet music or music songbooks of their choice. SheetMusicPlus is an excellent choice, with over 300,000 sheet music titles to choose from. They have guitar tab and sheet music for guitar, piano, vocalists, strings and brass tablature. The gift certificates can be used in Canada or United States, check for details.

Pinnacle Folding Music Stand With Carrying Bag
Most musicians, be it guitar, keyboard or drum players, can always use a music stand. There are lots of different styles out there, but mainly they come in two types. Portable, like this music stand, or heavy weight versions that are meant for home or professional use. For the discerning musician, there are also elegant wood music stands and top of the line Manfretto music stands available. This little portable music stand will due for most musicians and the nice part is that it's a personalized and cheap Christmas gift idea! Music123 includes a nice little carrying bag with this particular music stand.

Hohner HVC-1 Video & Harmonica
Hohner HVC-1 Video & Harmonica

Ah yes, another unique Christmas gift idea for musicians, or musician wanna-be's. Hohner Harmonica's are always a decent choice, and this instruction Package includes a one hour harmonica instructional video and a nice Hohner 10-hole diatonic harmonica, which is great for beginners. The step-by-step guide to playing harmonica video is actually quite good and will help get them going.

MP3 Player
Imagine the smile on their face when they open their new mp3 player. Mp3 players store a zillion songs these days, and you can get them starting at well under a hundred bucks. Check out CleverJoe's MP3 Player Reviews to help find the right one.

Fruity Loops

Three huge thumbs up! Provides everything a musician needs to take their music and dance songs to the next level. They'll be jamming out to an infinite assortment of electro-induced rhythms in no time at all. Click for a full CleverJoe review.

Classic Rock Guitar Tab

Guitar Tab SongBook Collections
Classic Rock never goes out of style. Here are a few good classic rock guitar tablature and sheet music collections that are available through Sheet Music Plus:
Classic Rock Tablature and Sheet Music

Guitar fitness - An Exercising Handbook
This is a good book to help guitar players keep their fingers nimble. Would make a good stocking stuffer. Published by Hal Leonard.

Numark CD Mix-1 Dual CD Player/Mixer
Numark CD Mix-1 Dual CD Player/Mixer

DJ mix masters will be doing a double take when they check this baby out from under the tree. With a low price tag, this a two CD mixer with built in handles to keep the grooves portable. Click to read more info and user reviews at Musician's Friend.

String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner
String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner

This a cool and unique gift idea for a guitar player. Very easy to use, simply plug a guitar into the input jack, pluck the string a few times, and the string is automatically tuned to perfect pitch. Can also be used to wind and unwind with the push of a button. Accurate and easy to use. A tuned guitar makes a happy guitar player.

The Musician's Ultimate Joke Book
Topping this year's top ten Christmas gift idea list for musicians is the ultimate joke book. This is a classic collection indeed, with hundreds of musician jokes including all the classic guitar player and pianist knock knock jokes. Musicians tend to take their humour seriously, and this is a very complete collection of musician jokes that will be sure to get some good laughs. Three big thumbs up! Whoop, whoop!


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