CleverJoe is looking for writers to provide music product reviews, cover news about Canadian bands, indie CD reviews, tech tips, etc.

Here's the standard 'blurb':

We're accepting music-related submissions from writers for both the site and newsletter. If your article(s) are accepted, a link would be provided to your web site, as well as a promotional "blurb" about you, your band, your services, etc. This is an opportunity for writers and musicians to get some decent exposure to the Canadian and International music community.

Gosh! What should write I about?

To get an idea of the types of things that we're looking for, check out the Musician Columns.

Some hot CleverJoe topics include product reviews, indie bands, tech tips, songwriting, Canadian indie CD reviews, recording, keyboards, MIDI, software... the beat goes on.

Ok, I'm ready... now what?

1) If you're interested in submitting an article for CleverJoe's, tell us the music-related subject you would like to write about. We are primarily looking for "how-to" articles, music gear reviews, and general interest articles for musicians. Articles with a Canadian element will be favoured.

2) If you already have a music related article you would like us to consider, please send us a message and include your article as inline text (please don't send attached files - they won't be opened). Submissions can be sent to:

3) If you have any relevant images you would like to submit with your article, let us know about them, but please DO NOT INCLUDE IMAGES with your submission. If one of your articles is posted, we'll contact you about the images.

4) Supply a short "blurb" about you, your band, or your company's service. Include any relevant URL's. Please keep it short, concise and under 25 words.

Thanks for your interest!

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