The Artist's Way - Unlock Your Creativity. Musician/Artist Self-Help Book by Julia Cameron
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The Artist's Way
A spiritual path to higher creativity...

The Artist's Way
by Julia Cameron
The Artist's Way -
Musician Self-Help Book The Artist's Way has allowed millions of aspiring and working musicians and artists to tap into their own creativity. This is a truly valuable self-help book which brings amazing results when you follow the step by step program. Unlock your creative energy and replace fear, guilt and other inhibiting forces with creativity, confidence and productivity.
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The Artist's Way Morning Pages
A Companion Volume to the Artist's Way
The Artist's Way Morning Pages - Musician, Artist,
Creativity Self-Help Book The Artist's Way Morning Pages
One part of Julia Cameron's program in The Artist's Way is writing pages in a journal each day (preferably in the morning, but musicians can get away with afternoons). The idea is not to think about what you're writing, but rather quickly write down what ever thoughts come into your mind, a longhand stream-of consciousness. This process has helped many artists overcome obstacles that can get in the way of creativity. This works partly because it forces you to create something (even if it is just a long list of gripes) every single day. It doesn't take much time and it really can get you past all that self-defeating muck we all get stuck in from time to time.

CleverJoe Tip: You can, of course simply keep a journal on an old notepad that's lying around the house, but this book comes with insightful, gentle guidance and besides -- it makes it whole lot more fun. Plus, by spending a couple of bucks it gives you that much more incentive to start writing!

The Artist's Way Date Book
A Companion Volume to the Artist's Way
The Artist's Way Date Book - Musician, Creativity Self-Help Book The Artist's Date Book With her companion book The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal, Cameron focused readers on one of two primary tools in her programs. Now The Artist's Date Book directs readers toward the second tool. Encompassing a year of creativity, with illustrations by Elizabeth Cameron Evans, 365 provocative tasks, and ample inventory space, it is whimsical, inspiring, entertaining, and wise. The book leads readers to involve themselves in daily meetings with their creative self, guiding them to authentic growth, renewal, and confidence.



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Making Music for the Joy of It
Enhancing Creativity Skills and Musical Confidence
Making music for the joy of it - Enhancing Creativity Skills and Musical Confidence Another excellent book which helps musicians express themselves more fully, by overcoming negative energy and overcome self-limiting beliefs.
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The Inner Game of Music
by Barry Green, W. Timothy Gallwey
Inner Game of Music -
self help book Designed to help musicians overcome obstacles, help improve concentration, and reduce nervousness and stage fright, allowing them to reach new levels of performing excellence and musical artistry.


Edly's Music Theory for Practical People
by Ed Roseman
I want you to imagine your favorite school teacher ever. You know - the one who always managed to put a smile on your face, and somehow made learning fun. My personal favorite was my grade three teacher Ms. O'neil, who was not only a nice teacher but also a very pretty woman. Yes, I was hot for teacher. I digress. Edly may not be pretty, but his book gives me the same smile and gentle encouragement that Ms O'Neil offered way back when.

This book is for people who have always wanted to learn music theory, but hate the idea of actually sitting down to try. Edly allows you relax into the learning process, and helps you to think outside the conventional learning box. With lots of great pictures and hand drawn helpfuls, learning becomes fun, interesting and at the risk of sounding redundant or repeating myself, not boring.

Edly's Music Theory is a practical book for practical people. An immensley fun way to learn, CleverJoe recommends this book to practical people everywhere.

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