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Best Affiliate Programs

Web affiliate programs, CleverJoe top picks. Best web master affiliate program listings and tips for musicians, indie bands and others who have a web site and want to earn some extra cash.

Save money for your next recording project.
It can be as simple by providing links to your fave band's CD's and Videos. There are many ways to earn extra cash with your web site. There's nothing wrong with some extra tinkle in the bottom of your pocket at the end of the day.

Top picks. Free and easy, RELIABLE affiliate programs to help promote your site and make you money:

Already sell your CD's online? How about offering your fans t-shirts, frisbees, hats? This affiliate program raises the bar for all others. A beautifully simple and effective way to earn money and promote your site at the same time. CafePress allows you to easily start selling products with your logo or image.

If you're already selling CD's, these personalized products will make great add ons - your fans will love them! It only takes minutes to design your products, and there is zero cost for signing up. You also earn a commission for each and every person you refer to CafePress who signs up for an account. Even CleverJoe has his own store

CleverJoe says: "There is a reason why CafePress is CleverJoe's number one choice for best affiliate programs - there is no other affiliate program that even comes close to this one. If you have an appropriate web site and want to start earning money, this is the affiliate program you should start with."

CafePress.com affiliate program sign up page
In minutes, have your own products and start making money. No setup fees of any kind. Highly recommended.

Web Position Gold
Invaluable tool to save you time and help build traffic to your web site. WebPosition Gold reports your site's search positions and then helps you improve them. Simply one of the most innovative and reliable software packages, helping move your site to the top of the search engines and improving web site traffic. CleverJoe's alter ego has used Web Position Gold for years to help improve rankings of many web sites. It really works! It's a superb tool, CleverJoe highly recommends it.
Click here to Download WebPosition for free.

Refer others to Web Position Gold and earn 15% of all sales resulting from visitors you referred to the WebPosition Web site for as long as you remain a Partner. Simply add a link to their site - it doesn't get any easier!

"As the industry leader in search engine ranking software for the past 4 years in a row, WebPosition Gold is one product that literally sells itself. The commissions are generous, payment is prompt, and the support you'll receive from the FirstPlace Software Team is second to none. This program is highly recommended"
Web Position Gold - Download a free copy or sign up as an affiliate now

Webmaster Tools
Ad rotation scripts, webmaster resources. Find some great webmaster tools here, and earn a generous 30% on affiliate referrals.

Affiliate Locator
This nice software utility was initially developed to get a quick idea of a site's positioning in the search engines and directories. Over time, more functions were added to check for such things as Link Popularity and Pay Per Click keyword costs. Today, the Affiliate Locator has evolved into the perfect mining utility for finding Affiliates, Joint Venture Partners, and qualified Reciprocal Link trades. Additional features include checking for related ezines and spidering for Titles, Contact Info and more.

Not only do they offer an excellent product for a very resonable price, a generous affiliate program is also available. It's a no-brainer to set up, and a healthy 25% sales commission is paid directly into your PayPal account. There is also a two-tier program available which sweetens the whole deal. The best part is that Affiliate Locator is an exceptional product that is a pleasure to refer to other webmasters. This is a valuable tool that will help webmasters improve traffic and marketing efforts and save valuable time while doing it.
More info, Ordering

Dmoz Extractor Another good product from the same company as above. Search directories and links pages draw traffic. As the established search engines are becoming more mired down in poorly categorized submissions and the pay-per-click philosophy the general public is turning more toward Industry Specific links pages and search directories to find what they need. This tool will help you build your own directory. A package with both Dmoz Extractor and Links Suite is now available:

AllMusicSearch.com Music Auctions
The MP3 MetaSearch Engine and Music Directory. AllMusicSearch is a complete music resource site featuring a music directory, music auctions, the ultimate mp3 metasearch engine, music news, music shopping, free music home pages, concert listings, musician classifieds, and music message boards and chat rooms. Affiliates earn $0.05 for each new auction member signup or new home page member signup. Plus, earn 10% of each referred affiliate's earnings.
AllMusicSearch.com Music Auctions affiliate program

This is a great affiliate program that offers hundreds of stores and products that you can affiliate your site with. Sign up is free, payouts have a nice low minimum of $25. Generating links for your site is very easy. ShareaSale is partnered with a few good musician related sites so you will be able to promote CD's, MIDI files, recording software, books, more. They also pay out $1.00 for every affiliate referral, and $100 for every Merchant referral. ShareaSale.com is a solid company and an excellent choice for web site owners who want a wide range of affiliate program possibilities.
ShareaSale.com associate program

Yep. Clown haters unite. CleverJoe loves the weird stuff. T-shirts, gifts, odd and wonderful products for those with a fear of clowns, or for people who simply don't like clowns. 15% per sale with cookies that NEVER expire, so the customers you refer will continue to earn for you as long as they shop on the iHateClowns web site. They also pay 1% of the sale for second tier affiliates that you refer to the program, so spread the word!

iHateClowns.com: There are people in this world who dress up and act like clowns; I don't like these people. I am not clownophobic (or to be politically /scientifically correct, coulrophobic). I do not fear clowns. Really. I don't. They are just not nice people. They scare little kids, they cause neurosis in some adults, they have big floppy feet, they try to fit too many of their kind in a car, I could go on and on."

Sign up as a iHateClowns.com affiliate now and start earning money today.

Get high quality karaoke streamed directly to your computer over the internet, over 15,000 songs available. Powerful features such as full-screen lyric display, playlist creation and lead vocals on/off capability are available. Earn 5% on all purchases when your visitors buy from StreamKaraoke.com.
StreamKaraoke.com associate program

Music Mansion
Sign up as an affilate through ShareaSale.com Music Mansion offers a large variety of Christian midi music. Each 3 1/2 inch disk contains beautifully arranged songs. Written as Standard MIDI files, these sequenced programs gives full control to creatively select the instrumentation that suits your style. All of Music Mansionís music is created by professional musicians.

You will earn 10% commissions of all affiliate sales sent to Music Mansion. Sales range from purchases of a couple of disks (totalling $80) to purchases of the complete packages (usually from $800- $1000). There is a grand opportunity here to make large sales which means large commissions!
Music Mansion affiliate program sign up through ShareaSale.com

Sign up as an affiliate through ShareaSale.com This is the place to purchase professional digital quality background theme music instantly. Royalty Free music for broadcast, video production, multimedia, websites, TV, radio, on hold, and more. Music delivered direct to your hard drive in highest quality mp3 format.
You earn 10% per sale. Sales can end up being pretty big too. Clients include ESPN,Warner bros,National Geo., HBO.
Join InstantMusicNow.com through ShareaSale.com

Kool Karaoke Studio is a fun, easy to use, and versatile karaoke software program for vocalists, musicians, or hilarious fun for the whole dang family. Earn 5% on all purchases when your visitors buy from KoolKaraoke.com. Add an e-commerce system that features new and cool products to your site.
KoolKaraoke.com affiliate program signup

iDotz Domain Name Registration
Know some friends who still don't have a web site for their band? Refer them to a reliable web hosting service and earn a commission at the same time. iDotz.net is a great place to register domain names and offers a good referral program for affiliates.

From around $8.50/year, they also offer registration of all the premium domain names including .FM, .AM, .TV, & .CD; gTLD domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, & .INFO; as well as, boutique domains; .BZ, .US, .CC, .NU, & .WS (WebSite).
iDotz Domain Name Registration affiliate program sign up

101 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic
One of the best written books on the subject. Follow the advice in this book and you will have a successful web site teeming with traffic.


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