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Apple iPod mp3 player accessory reviews: ipod video, nano, ishuffle, mini
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MiniDisc Player Recorder Reviews and Net MD Top Picks!


Apple iPod MP3 Player Accessory Reviews

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Check out some of the best in the growing Apple iPod mp3 player accessory market. iPod video, nano, ishuffle and mini mp3 player accessories. Join CleverJoe's clever newsletter and he'll let you know when new articles are posted.

Apple iPod MP3 Player Accessory Top Picks.

#1 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Apple iPod Hi-Fi Home Stereo
Although audiophiles may bicker at teh term "hi-fidelity", the iPod home stereo system still does sound pretty sweet. This system would make a great addition to a home office or small den. If, however, you are planning to use the iPod home stereo systen for larger rooms (or parties), you may be disapointed. These are close proximity speakers, and the sound quality is quite exceptional if you are up close. Check out the user reviews.

#2 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Sennheiser PXC 250 Noise Canceling Headphones
Save your ears! The rest of the world is going deaf with earbuds jammed in their ears. The Sennheiser PCX 250 noise cancelling headphones are a pleasure to listen to your tunes with. With a built-in noise reduction system, you can block out unwanted background noise. They make the perfect travel accessory. Ultra-lightweight metal frame folds up for storage in a protective carrying case (included).

#3 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Apple iPod Universal Dock
Includes 5 dock adapters that fit the following iPod models - iPod mini (4GB & 6GB), iPod with click wheel (20GB, 40GB, U2 Special Edition), iPod with color display (20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, U2 Special Edition)

#4 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Apple iPod USB Power Adapter
The universal Apple iPod adaptor lets you charge your iPod anywhere. Unchain yourself from the shackles of using your computer to recharge your iPod. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect to your iPod. Supports iPod mini, iPod photo and iPod with click wheel. * For world travel, convert the adapter with an optional World Travel Adapter Kit (sold separately).

#5 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

iHome iH5 Clock Radio for iPod
Editorial Review:With its built-in docking station and clean, contemporary design, the iHome iH5 clock radio is the perfect complement for your Apple iPod digital music player. Not only does the iH5 let you listen to your iPod music free from cumbersome headphones, it also lets you fall asleep or wake to music you've loaded into your iPod. You can also wake or sleep to FM/AM radio or wake to a traditional buzzer.

#6 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPods
Make your music even more portable! Play your iPod mp3 player in your car or anywhere there is an FM radio. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter on your car and listen to your music through the radio. Your music transmits wirelessly to your car stereo using FM radio frequencies. The inlcuded 12v adaptor rapidly charges your iPod, and then switches to a trickle charge to optimize its performance. Easy music made even easier.

#7 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Apple iPod Carrying Case with Belt Clip
For iPod Click Wheel models only, this is a decent carrying case to protect your iPod mp3 player from scratches and dings. Clip your iPod to your belt, purse, or backpack and you're ready to go. Includes handy belt clip. For 20 GB iPod with click wheel only

#8 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Apple iPod Remote and Earphones
If you find earbud style headphones comfy (not everyone does!), you should be happy with most of Apple's included earbud style headphones. This set uses neodymium transducers technology to enhance frequency response and overall sound quality. Suffice it to say their sound quality is excellent. Many people swear by the wired remote that lets you fast forward, rewind, play/pause, and control the volume with four simple buttons. Includes a Hold switch allowing you to lock your iPod remote so buttons can't be pressed accidentally. Clip the remote to your lapel, shirt, or collar for easy access. Supports all iPods with Dock Connector.

#9 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

Belkin TuneDok Car Holder for iPod
Hold your iPod mp3 player in place with this innovative car dash holder. Ratcheting neck lets you easily reposition your iPod. Cable-management clip lets you eliminate loose and tangled cords. Adjustable height. NOTE: not compatible with iPod mini.

#10 Apple iPod MP3 Player Top Pick

iTalk iPod Voice Recorder with Mic and Loudspeaker
The iTalk converts your Apple iPod music player into a digital voice recorder offering thousands of hours of record time. Built-in microphone with automatic gain control. 2 watt loudspeaker lets you listen to your voice files or music files. Stereo headphone jack with passthrough circuit so you can listen to either voice files or iPod music files. Includes a .125-inch minijack input for use with an external microphone (not included).

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MP3 Players Main Page - All MP3 Players - MiniDisc Players Top Picks
iRiver Top Picks - Rio Top Picks - Apple iPod Top Picks


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Top Pick: Sennheiser PX 100 Headphones

Sennheiser PX 100 Headphones
Sennheiser has earned a reputation over the years for making great headphones for studio use, and now they are bringing their high end sound to the masses. Treat your ears to the PX 100 fold and flip stereo mini headphones. These babies are rugged, comfy after long periods of wear, and they simply sound great.

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