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CleverJoe's Newsletter for Clever Musicians, March 2005

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How many classic rock guitar players does it take to change a lightbulb?
CleverJoe says: Five. One to actually do it, and four to reminisce about how much better the old tubes were.

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1.)... The CleverJoe Directory - Submit your web site today
2.)... Making a Living as a Guitar Music Transcriber/Arranger
3.)... MP3 Player Reviews
4.)... Flamenco Guitar CD by Johannes Linstead
5.)... Payment due notice

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1.)... The CleverJoe Directory - Submit your web site today

Submit your web site to CleverJoe's Music Industry Directory today. Yep, it's free! Canadian and International music industry links and information, provided to help musicians promote their music, network with other musicians, and support the thriving music scene in Canada and beyond. Once you're site has been added, fans and visitors can rate your link.

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2.)... Making a Living as a Guitar Music Transcriber/Arranger
By Dale Turner

Interested in guitar transcription? Learn how you can make a living as a guitar music transcriber arranger. This is a great article by recording artist and writer Dale Turner.

Click here to read the full article


3.)... Best MP3 Player Reviews

So many MP3 Players, so little time. When portable MP3 players first became popular, they were relatively simple devices that were good for one thing: playing MP3 files. Today, portable MP3 players like the famous Apple iPod and Creative Labs Nomad have evolved into outstanding music playback systems far more capable then the early day versions.

Click for reviews of Apple's iPod, iRiver, Rio, Minidiscs and more: Best MP3 Player Reviews


4.)... Flamenco Guitar CD by Johannes Linstead

Flamenco guitar playing - are you a fan? CleverJoe always perks up when a 'world music' CD demo comes across his desk. This week saw the arrival of a great instrumental CD by flamenco guitar player and Canadian songwriter Johannes Linstead.

This is Linstead's fifth CD, and it's called 'Mediterranea'. A multi-instrumentalist, Linstead also plays piano, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, wood flute and percussion. He has played and recorded with musicians from around the world, including Cuba, Columbia, Syria, Greece, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine. Influences from many of these countries can be heard on 'Mediterranea', although it never strays too far from Linstead's signature flamenco guitar playing roots. It seems to take a couple of songs for the CD to really 'warm up' to the passion flamenco music is known for, but by the fifth song "Adelita", Linstead is in full form and no longer holding back. Passionate and well written songs such as "Estrellas Sobre Ella" are a treat for the ears and heart, with hauntingly beautiful instrumental arrangements and subtle background vocal layers.

Although it takes some time for this CD to abandon restraint, if you're a fan of flamenco music, 'Mediterranea' won't disappoint.

To check it out yourself, Click here for Johannes Linstead's web site

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And if you're looking for flamenco music guitar tablature or sheet music, try:


5.)... Payment Due

The newsletter and web site are not free! Joe humbly asks the following from you: 1) Forward this newsletter to at least two musician friends, and 2) If you haven't yet, have a quick boo at the home page to see what's new:

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