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Written by Pat Baxter

Guitar Soloing and Improvisation - Lesson Six

E Minor and Other Obscurities

OK, so you know the five guitar patterns inside-out... now what? In lesson one I mentioned that the E minor (Aeolian) scale contains the same notes (different focus) as the G Major scale... let's try that out. I know what you're thinking: "But Pat... I play rock music! When would I ever use an E minor scale in rock music?" As obscure as it sounds, I predict that someday someone will write a rock song in the key of E, and when they do, you'll be ready for 'em!

Get out your boom box or some other tape recorder and record yourself strumming away on an Emi.7 chord (or just Emi.) for a few minutes; now rewind and play it back while using the E minor (Aeolian) scale (same as G Major scale patterns) to solo with. While you're at it try the same idea with a Gma7 chord and the G Major scale patterns.

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Pat Baxter is a recording artist and author of the guitar instruction book called "Rockin' The Modes".

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