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Written by Pat Baxter

Guitar Soloing and Improvisation - Lesson Four

Let's look at Pattern 4 of the Major Scale.



Notice how half of Pattern 4 is taken from Pattern 3 (from lesson 3), and the other half is taken from Pattern 5... it's "Overlap And Glue - The Sequel" (from lesson 2).As with our other patterns (or any scale you're trying to learn) I've found it very beneficial to learn from different angles.  That's why (a couple lessons ago) I suggested trying "sequences of four" and "diatonic thirds" (to review sequences of four and diatonic thirds check out lesson one, Pattern 1). Now try adding "diatonic sixths" to the lineup (just to keep your brain, and fingers, exercised).  Play:  Root, 6th, 2nd, 7th, 3rd, Octave, 4th, 2nd (second octave), 5th etc..

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Pat Baxter is a recording artist and author of the guitar instruction book called "Rockin' The Modes".

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