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Roland XP series synthesizer keyboards

Roland XP-30 Keyboard Synthesizer

Roland XP50

The XP series of keyboards are power-house musical instruments loaded with excellent features.

The Roland XP-30 is absolutely packed, setting the bar high for other keyboards in it's range.

The XP30 uses sound sets from the popular JV-1080 and JV-2080 modules, plus tons of sound patches from the Session, Orchestral, and Techno Collection expansion boards.

Sporting two slots for SRJV 80 expansion boards, the XP-30 has 61 velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch. A very sweet feature is the built-in, programmable arpeggiator - the same one as found on the XP-60/80 (CleverJoe loves crazy arpeggiators, and Roland makes some of the best!).

Nice set of effects including reverb, chorus, delay - 40 algorithms in total. If you buy the XP-30 new, it even includes a CD-ROM with Emagic SoundDiver sound-editing software.


  • Sound sets from the JV-1080 and JV-2080
  • Patches from the Session, Orchestral, and Techno Collection expansion boards
  • Two slots for SRJV80 expansion boards
  • 61 velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keys
  • 64-voice polyphony
  • Advanced arpeggiator from the XP-60/80
  • Built-in reverb, chorus, and set of forty effects
  • Four onboard sliders for realtime control and editing
  • Patch finder and phrase preview functions
  • Large easy to use, luminous buttons
  • Includes Emagic SoundDiver software

Okay, I own an XP-80, but how do I turn this thing on? (When candlelight and romantic music doesn't help...)

Great synth packed with excellent sounds and features!

XP50 and XP80
- 64 voices of polyphony - 16 part multitimbral - 8 megs of internal waveforms (XP-80 expandable to 32 megs) - Fully programmable synths - Loaded sequencers - Built in disk drives

The XP-50 is a 61 note keyboard, and the XP-80 is a 76 note weighted keyboard. The XP-80 has nine of Roland Expansion Board Series available. You can use up to four expansion boards at one time, accessing 32 megs of sounds!

- 338 presets - 256 user patches
- 16 preset drum kits - 20 user kits
- TR909, Dance, Techno and House sets
- Fully programmable synthesizer
- Realtime Controllers
- Built-in Serial interface
- Very hip Arpeggiator
- 16 part multitimbral

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