The Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer
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 CleverJoe's Top Pick: The Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer
Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer

One of the most revered prefixes (Jupiter) in the history of synthesis returns. Paying homage to its legendary namesake with road-proven hardware and massive sound, the JUPITER-80's expressive, organic approach to synthesis makes a new world of sound design possible.

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Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer Reviews and Product Information

Putting the Synth back in Synthesizers. Product info, interesting facts, tips on where to buy.

The JUPITER-80 nods to its past with lethal, multi-layered synth sounds so fat you'll need a knife to cut through them. Musicians looking for a live performance synth will love the stockpile of "meat and potatoes" sounds onboard, including a full range of Roland's grand pianos, strings, brass, and much more. An easy to use interface and touchscreen, heavyweight design, complete with metal side panels, recalls the legendary JUPITER but with all of today's technology.

Jupiter 80 Features

  • Full-color touchscreen and creative hands-on controllers.
  • Powerful integrated SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for legendary vintage synth sounds to realistic organic acoustic sounds and more.
  • Single Tone is equivalent to the performance of powerful single synthesizer—stack four of these to create a mind-blowing “Live Set”
  • Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters of tones in realtime for complex, emotive sonic movement during performance
  • Fast, friendly operation with intuitive front panel and color touchscreen optimized for live performance
  • 76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, and 256 polyphonic voices (varies according to sound-generator load)
  • USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks or quick idea capture
  • Easy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface

  • Version 2 for the Jupiter 80 adds the following feautures

  • Three types of low-pass filters; combined with the previous type, a total of four filters are now available
  • New MFX structures; in addition to the previous parallel connection, a total of five structures (including serial connection) are available
  • A Registration Play screen for easier access to sounds during live performance
  • Better integration with SONAR software; a dedicated plug-in for your computer lets you easily map the JUPITER-80 to control SONAR's faders and soft synths

  • Editing Sounds On The Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer

    Sound creation
    This synth offers a ton of possibilities for stacking, layering, blending and tweaking your sounds using something Roland call 'SuperNATURAL' architecture. A fun little toy is called the Tone Blender, which tweaks values of multiple parameters simultaneously and lets you “Capture” any new combination and save it as a Live Set. Create complex, emotional textures that respond, react, and evolve like nothing you've heard before. Tone Blender can also dramatically enhance your live-performance capabilities by letting you assign its multiple parameters to controllers such as the D-Beam.

    Vintage Low Pass Filters
    The filter section is one the most important tool kits for editing SuperNATURAL synth tones. Version 2 adds three types of vintage low-pass filters to the lineup. With the addition of these filters, each with unique cutoff and resonance behaviors, you can faithfully recreate coveted synthesizer sounds of the past.

    Control Your Jupiter-80 With Your iPad

    The JP Synth Editor is an iPad app that allows you to edit the SuperNATURAL Synth Tones of the JUPITER-80. Control your synth tone parameters, including the Vintage filter type (a new addition to JUPITER-80 Version 2) with the iPad's touchscreen. Download it free from the Apple App Store.

    Jupiter-80 Live Sets

    The JUPITER-80's sound engine handles four x tones with dedicated DSP per tone as a basic unit “Live Set” for manual performance. Layering of Upper and Lower Live Sets, plus a specialized “SOLO” part, means the incredibly massive nine-tone-stack sound. Customized complex settings can be saved as Registrations, and easily recalled during live performance.

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