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Roland Digital Piano and Keyboard Reviews
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CleverJoe's Roland Digital Piano Reviews

Roland v-piano review
Roland V-Piano Digital Piano

The Roland V-Piano is an instrument to consider if you are in the market for a new digital piano.

Roland v-piano review
Roland RD-700NX Digital Piano
The Roland RD-700NX raises the bar for onstage performance with its high end sound, great touch, and simple control.

Roland v-piano review
Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano
With a lighter weight and more affordable price than the RD-700NX.

Roland FP-7F review
Roland FP-7F
A great sounding piano with some onboard perks including a mic input, onboard looper, and companion harmony effects.

Roland FP-4F review
Roland FP-4F
The Roland FP-4F is a travel-friendly digital piano that builds on Roland's FP-4 series piano concept.

Roland RD-700SX digital piano review
Roland RD-700SX Digital Piano

Multisampled grand pianos, true piano hammer action and portability makes this piano extremely attractive to gigging musicians.

Roland RD-300SX digital piano review
Roland RD-300SX Digital Piano

Developed at the same time as it's big brother (RD-700SX), this is a lightweight, nicely portable digital piano. Uses true 88-note piano samples from the Fantom-X and Roland's progressive piano hammer action.

Roland FP-5 digital piano review
Roland FP-5 Digital Piano

Sit down to play an FP-5 and you'll immediately notice the quality of the keyboard, which uses real hammers rather than springs.

Roland FP-2 digital piano review
Roland FP-2 Digital Piano

A lightweight and compact digital piano with the realistic feel of a fine concert grand.

Roland F-100 digital piano review
Roland F-100 Digital Piano

88 hammer-action piano keys, great sounding grand piano samples, built-in cabinet speakers.

Roland MP-60 and MP-70 digital piano review
Roland MP-70 and MP-60 Digital Piano

Affordable and attractive digital piano with cabinet and speaker system.

Roland F-50 digital piano review
Roland F-50 Digital Piano

The Roland F-50 digital piano is both affordable and stylish, ideal for the home.

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