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Roland MC-303 Groovebox

MC-303 PictureA very cool retro styled sequencer/sound module with tons of interactive music loops and styles. An indispensable tool for creating dance/techno music. It's got rhythms, it's got music, and it's as real-time as an electronic musical instrument can possibly get.

Techno - Rap - Jungle - Hiphop - Acid - Dance

This is the groovebox module everyone is RAVE-ing about! It's so hip, hop down to your local music store and check it out! (ahem)

Some Features:
- 448 dedicated dance sounds.
- 40 Synth bass sounds (TB303, TR808 etc)
- 35 Synth leads, 33 Synth pads
- 12 rhythm kits, 808, 909, techno, jungle, house kits
- Vintage synth sounds/arpeggios
- Presets and users/300 variations
- 16 part multitimbral
- Multiple Quantize
- Resonant Filter/LFO, envelope control
- Digital Effects
- Low Boost feature

Big thumbs WAY up on this baby!

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Okay, I own a GrooveBox, but how do I turn this thing on? (When candlelight and romantic music doesn't help...)

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