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Korg Digital Piano and Keyboard Reviews
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CleverJoe's Korg Digital Piano and Keyboard Reviews

Korg SP-300 Stage Piano CleverJoe Classic Review
The SP-300 Digital Piano is the answer for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of a lightweight, portable instrument. With a choice of internal speakers or not, the SP-300 piano can fit the needs of any practicing or performance situation. Good choice for professional musicians and students alike.

Korg SP-500 Digital Piano with TouchView Screen
The Korg SP-500 is another great portable digital piano from the Korg family. Weighted hammer action, stereo grand piano, and an innovative touchview screen. 128 different rhythm style accompaniments. An 8-track recorder for songwriting and creating music easily, with up to 100 songs storage. Clasical piano players should take note of the 10 different temperaments provided for authentic classical performance. In addition to 19 different piano sounds the Korg SP-500 provides 396 sound programs from Korg's professional synthesizers, with 64-note polyphony.

Korg SP-250 88-Key Portable Digital Piano
The Korg SP-250 Portable Digital Piano features a seriously outstanding stereo piano sound, coupled with real weighted piano hammer action. The SP-250 is the first Korg digital piano to feature the all new RH3 real weighted hammer action. A nice selection of sounds including an assortment of classic electric pianos (reed and tine styles), church and jazz organs, string and choir sounds, harpsichord and clav(s), and mallet percussion and guitar sounds (two instruments can easily be layered).

Korg BX3 Dual Manual Organ
The original Korg CX-3 first went on sale in 1979, followed by its dual-manual sibling, the BX-3. Both went on to become favorites in their own right and are still widely used. Now, using advanced DSP technology and painstaking attention to sound, touch, and style, they have been reborn and vastly improved upon.Meticulous re-creation of the tone-wheel system Korg's state-of-the-art DSP technology has made it possible to precisely re-create the unique sound that, until now, could only be produced by the real thing. 2 different tone-wheel sounds are provided: VINTAGE and CLEAN.  

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