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CleverJoe Musician Newsletter Feb 2003

CleverJoe's Top Picks

CleverJoe Top Pick:
Cakewalk Home Studio:
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More info here... Newsletter February 2003
... not JUST for clever Canadian musicians.
CleverJoe asks: What would a musician do if he won a million dollars?
A: Continue to play gigs until the money ran out



1.)... CleverJoe and Zed TV
2.)... Playing solo guitar at wedding gigs
3.)... How to promote your web site
4.)... How to make money with your web site
5.)... Canadian bands free site submission
6.)... Payment due notice


1.) CleverJoe and Zed TV


CleverJoe is pleased to announce that his music is currently being featured as today's 'Daily Feature' on CBC's Zed TV. Check out Joe's link on Zed's home page or go directly to CleverJoe's artist page at

It's a short instrumental taken from the soundtrack of the indie documentary CleverJoe is currently working on about a one month meditation retreat in Nepal at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery (More info about the vid here:

Zed's development team called CleverJoe's soundtrack music 'Exquisite". Joe humbly thinks the CBC Zed team are very clever people indeed. :)

Canadian artists have always had a difficult time promoting their work and even more difficulty getting it on Canadian television. CBC's ZED TV is a program that gives all Canuck artists a leg up by airing indie film, music and multimedia across Canada at 11.25 pm weeknights. Login to the web site to submit your music, join in discussion groups, and rate other artist's work.


2.) Playing solo guitar at wedding gigs
It's almost that time of year again! Wedding season is just around the corner. Learn how to prepare for, and get the gigs!

Playing Solo Guitar at Wedding Gigs:

Wedding music fake books, CleverJoe Top Picks.


3.) How to promote your web site

Promote your band or musician web site
- 5 Free Powerful Tips from CleverJoe


4.) How to make money with your web site

Web affiliate programs, CleverJoe top picks. Best web master affiliate program listings and tips for musicians, indie bands and others who have a web site and want to earn some extra cash.


5) Canadian bands free site submission

Submit your Canadian band or artist home page to Let your fans know they can vote on your site and give it a rating between 1-10. - Yep, it's free.


6.) Payment Due

The newsletter and web site are not free! Joe humbly asks the following from you:

1) Forward this newsletter to at least two musician friends, and

2) If you haven't yet, have a quick boo at the home page to see what's new:



----------------------------------- - Not JUST for Canadian Musicians


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