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Roland MC-505 GrooveBox

Blow your mind!! The MC-505 Groovebox is an ultra cool retro-styled dance music sequencer and sound module loaded with trance inducing beats, head humping samples, and lots of crazy knobs to twiddle.

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CleverJoe Newsletter

Musician's Friend continues to be an excellent source for musical instruments and gear. They offer superb service, great prices, easy online shopping and overnight delivery.

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CleverJoe's Note: **Only US orders can be processed through Musician's Friend at this time, and Canucks and Non-USA'ers should check out Kelly's Music, a great Canadian musician store that ships in Canada (of course) and International. Kelly's has both excellent Canadian prices and superb service.

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CleverJoe Newsletter, December 2000 is the musician's guide to the Canadian and International
music industry.          
Happy Holidaze from CleverJoe!!

CleverJoe: Hey Mom, I want to grow up and be a rock-n-roll musician.
Mom: Now Clever, you have to pick one or the other. You can't do both. 


1.)... Christmas Stocking Stuffers 
2.)... Humidity And Your Guitar
3.)... Bands Who Do Their Own Sound        
4.)... New Stuff At CleverJoe's
5.)... Clever Clicks
6.)... CleverJoe Accepting Submissions          
7.)... Payment due notice          


It's not too late to pick up some cool stocking stuffers
for your fave musician. It's okay to stuff your own stocking
once in a while too ya know...

>>>>> Fender Limited Edition 2000 Lunchbox

Be the coolest kid (or adult) in the cafeteria!
If you are truly feeling in the Christmas spirit,
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It's a collectible metal lunch box in a Fender® amp design.
Comes jam packed with 3 sets of Fender® 150L nickelwound bullet-end strings,
12 Fender® classic celluloid picks, Fender® cotton guitar strap,
Fender® guitar polish, Fender® polish cloth,
and Fender® velour accessory pouch.

That's a whole lot of Fenders.


>>>>> The Beatles - Complete Scores

This is the popular boxed gift set of the authentic
Transcribed Score (Authentic transcriptions of all
instruments) as performed by The Beatles. With over
1100 pages, this hard-cover edition features full scores
and lyrics to all 213 titles recorded by The Beatles.
Guitar and bass parts are in both standard notation
and tablature. Also includes a full discography.
This is an amazing collection of music in a nicely
gift packaged box set that any guitarist would appreciate. 

Also available are these gift box sets of superb collections: 
James Taylor / Complete 
The Eric Clapton Collection For Guitar - Boxed Set 
Eagles Complete, Volumes 1 & 2 
Grateful Dead - Boxed Set


>>>>> AKG K-240M Headphones 

This is a really nice set of headphones that would be
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Features a highly accurate dynamic transducer and circumaural,
around-the-ear pad design for long-wearing comfort. The
"integrated open air" design provides a very natural,
spacious sound quality. Steel cable headband construction
and single-sided pro-quality cable are built for a long life
of rugged use. Frequency response: 15Hz-20kHz



Mmmmmmmm... Santa Claus has arrived in full gear.
Want to make a musician really happy? Surprise them
with this great little multitrack recorder, perfect
for songwriters, bands or solo musicians who are
looking for an easy and inexpensive way to record
their music. Perfect for recording demos, songwriting,
composing, etc. A multitrack recorder can be a valuable
tool for songwriters and bands, and Tascam's Porta 02
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>>>>> Pulse Power Tambourine Pro 

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Beware - there are some really good tambourines out
there, and some really crappy ones. Needless to say,
the Pulse Power Pro's are among the good ones. Happy shaking!


>>>>> Samsung 8x 74 Minute Blank CD-R Silver Recordable CD 

The perfect stocking stuffer for musicians. Samsung Cd's are
the choice of many musicians, and they're also on sale right now for
only a buck each (list is $5.16). Great gift!


>>>>> Korg ES-1 Electribe Rhythm Production Sampler 

Okay, so you'll need an extra large stocking to stuff
this tasty treat into, but it's worth the extra yarn.
Sampling at it's coolest, the Korg Electribe is a very
unique sampler that doesn't just play back a recorded
sound - it also gives you lots of processing power to
shape the samples. You can easily create your own original
sounds by playing any sound or phrase into the Electribe,
and then use the pitch, filter and effects knobs to create
some craziness you can call your own.


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As the cold weather season approaches, it is once again time to think about humidity...or I should say: "the lack 
thereof". Wintertime means dry air and low humidity is responsible for the lion's share of guitar 
problems...particularly with acoustic guitars. Cracking fingerboards, splitting tops, protruding fret ends, shrinking 
fingerboards and braces becoming loose are among the most common problems. 

What you have to do is simple, do not let your guitar dry out! First off, when you are not playing your guitar keep it 
in the case (which really is good advice anytime of the year). The case will protect the guitar from any drastic changes 
in temperature or humidity, and if you decide to use a guitar humidifier it will help keep the moisture in (more about 
guitar humidifiers later). 

Second, be aware of the humidity where the guitar is kept and adjust accordingly. Investing in a humidifier for your home is always a good idea if needed - not only for your guitar's well being but for yours as well! 

Actual "guitar humidifiers" come in a variety of styles and often are the simplest and most logical solution. The most 
common ones being sound hole humidifiers which not only humidify the guitar from the inside but also prevents moisture 
from escaping through the sound hole. Because of their near air tight design it is also very important not to over 
humidify your guitar by using too much water. To help combat this some models such as the "Dampit System" has a humidity 
gauge built right in. 

Lastly owners of new instruments need to be especially careful of humidity. Much like a new house, a new instrument 
needs 2 or 3 years to "settle". If a guitar has been properly looked after during this time, then damage due to dry 
conditions is much less likely

By Greigg Fraser. 

Click here for more of Greigg's columns:

Greigg is a guitarist/songwriter from London Canada.
Visit his web site and check out his music and very cool instrumental rock CD's. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *           


Iím a sound engineer and Iím a musician. I love doing sound and I love performing - but not at the same time. Only when 
I have no choice do I venture into the realm of singing, playing guitar and mixing during the same show. Nevertheless, 
there do exist many bands out there who are quite content to do their own sound. This is particularly common among retro 
and country bands, and of course, soloists and duos. Tuck Andress used to have volume pedals on the stage for his guitar 
and for Pattiís voice - he wanted the control.

The fact is that when youíre on stage, you canít accurately tell how it sounds in the audience, especially if you are 
using monitors. This article is geared towards bands playing smaller venues, as stadiums and concert halls sort of 
require a sound tech to work that big board out there in the audience.

So who is going to do your sound? In my band, the bass player is the appointed knob twister, not just because heís got a 
great ear, but because he can fret a note with his left hand and simultaneously make a change on the board, if itís so 
important that we canít wait until the end of the song. For this reason, we keep the console on stage right, for him. 
Another popular place for the console is by the drum kit, for discretion reasons. One or more front line musicians 
hanging over a mixer can be very distracting. Not so with a drummer. That just leaves the question of your drummerís 

Some cafes or smaller clubs will have one or more of the main speakers set behind the musicians so that the main mix 
hits the playersí ears on its way out to the audience. This is a good way to monitor your own instruments and hear 
whatís going out to the room at the same time. This is also a good way to feed back the microphones into the speakers 
and blow a diaphragm. Pay attention to where you place the speakers relative to the mics. This can work well if youíre 

Some soloists are able to get away without monitors at all, but when a second musician or a sequencer is added, the need 
for monitoring comes into effect.

Seeing a market for a good mixer geared towards soloists and small groups, Mackie introduced the 1202 and 1604 mixers, 
and were then followed by Soundcraft and Samson. These boards have a couple of auxiliaries which are pre-fader, post-
fader or switchable.The early Mackie 1202ís two auxiliaries were both post-fader, so you could listen to the main mix 
through your monitors, or actually modify the printed circuit board to have one pre-fader aux.

So now your monitors sound great, but it would be nice if the house sounded 
good as well. There will almost always be a red-face guy named Murray who has been there at the bar drinking since noon, 
is able to make his car stereo sound great, and has deemed himself worthy of advising you on your mix. If the club 
owners have bands often, they, as well as the bartenders, may be able to at least tell you whatís too loud or too quiet. 
Perhaps throw some technical jargon their way to establish their level of knowledge.

One of the biggest mistakes is to set the EQís and levels for the audience while standing on the stage, behind the 
speakers. If you boost the high-end to the point where you can hear it well from where you are, the audience will be 
saturated with it, perhaps to the point of pain. The same goes with reverb; if you donít have any in the monitors, 
youíll overkill the room with it until you can hear it on stage. If you have a guitar amp or percussion on the stage 
which you can hear just fine because itís beside you, make sure itís loud enough in the house. A good way to keep 
levels, EQ-ing and reverb under control is to put perhaps the singer (one who just sings) in the audience to listen as 
each instrument is brought up in the mix. Then the vocals can be added after they have been set "a capellically". If 
there is no free-standing singer, then take turns stepping out in front, but get out there and listen, or be subject to 
the opinions of your new friend Murray. In any case, itís important to allot more time than usual for a soundcheck when 
there isnít a sound tech present. Feedback during a song isnít good, so make sure it is dealt with before the show.

When the performance starts and youíre wondering how it sounds in the audience, you can start by stepping down and 
standing in front of the main speakers via a wireless system or a long cable (singers watch your microphones in front of 
the speakers). At least make it look like you are dancing with the audience on the dance floor or something. Even a 
"Howís it sound out there, Folks?" will usually elicit a constructive response. Other musicians are fairly easy to spot 
in the audience, and can be approached after a set. At age 17, I saw Boston perform at Coppís Coliseum in Hamilton. The 
vocalist, Brad Delp, asked my friends and me, (standing front-row centre) how the house sound was.

For things to run smoothly, it helps if everybody in the band learns a bit about sound, or their own sound, anyway - EQ 
setting, etc. But be careful, too many engineers can spoil the mix.


Steve Parton is a composer, recording artist and music educator residing in Southern Ontario. Steve was a regular 
contributor to Canada's national music mag Canadian Musician, where this article first appeared. 

Visit Steve's music site at


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5.) CleverJoe's Clever Clicks

An independent underground internet radio station broadcasting from Toronto, Canada.
Two seperate stations: "Absolute Indie" and "Absolute Underground"
This is a great place to catch up on the goings-on of the underworld indie beats.


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Lists bands, agents, performance venues, news, and online music sales.


Kelly's Music

Canadian musician store selling music software,
accessories, instruments and gear. Their service is second to none.

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