Thursday, February 17, 2005

Best iPod mp3 player, reviews and comparisons.

Best Apple iPod Mp3 Player, Reviews and Comparisons

What is the best Apple iPod mp3 player, you ask? Compare the plethora of mp3 players and recorders from Apple, iRiver, Rio, Sony, Panasonic, Creative Labs Nomad. There's no doubt about it folks, there are more MP3 players on the market then there are apples on a well known fruit tree in Spring. Er... Fall. The point is, if you're a newbie to the whole MP3 player phenomenon, it can be a daunting task trying to wade through the murky, mysterious world of mp3 players. Just so you know, CleverJoe has done some wading himself and found that it's not so murky after all. And the thing is, you're really missing out on buckets of cool. Ok, grab a pair of rubber boots and jump right in.

The "Best MP3 Player" completely depends on your personal needs. There are a few differentiating factors between the various iPod players available, and one of the most obvious is storage space.

CleverJoe's guide to mp3 players:

iPod Storage

How much music do you want to store on your iPod? The more music you feed your head, the deeper you'll need to dig into your wallet. These days, you can hold a serious amount of music on your player. Here's a guideline:

  • 40GB. Stores up to 10,000 songs
  • 20GB. Stores up to 5,000 songs
  • 10GB. Stores up to 2500 songs
  • 5GB. Stores up to 1250 songs
  • ...You get the idea...

Owners tend to speak about their Apple iPod in religious terms. The iPod is slim and feather-light, offering hours and hours of music along with a small barrage of other bonus features including a personal appointment calendar, phone book, alarm clock and games. Apple has always managed to make it's products both user manageable and sexy. They keep the user's end experience in mind, and this philosophy has translated into a family of iPod mp3 player products that are easy to use, great to listen to, nice to look at, and fun to brag about. Apple iPod mp3 players are the most popular portable media players on the market with something in the iPod family for everyone's music and file storage needs. Check out the links above for reviews and more info.



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