Saturday, January 15, 2005

To Blog Or Die

Well it looks like the blog fest has finally caught up with CleverJoe. Clever has been hearing about blogs and the positively anarchistic mayhem that blogs have been causing for quite some time now. So, he figured it was time to join the blogging revolution. No longer could he ignore the throngs of visitors, silently urging on the intertia of a forward-blogging motion from Joe.

Yes, the time for the CleverJoe Musician's Resource blog had finally come. With keyboard quill in hand, and deep, dark pools of Canadian music and musician thoughts ready to be exploited, CleverJoe readied himself for some old fashioned hard-blogging work. There was one problem of course. As a cartoon character, Clever has a hard time typing with one hand, let alone two. So here am I, faithful CleverJoe servant so to speak, ready to help impart Joe's years of wisdom in the general fields of music and musician gear, travel, and life's spiritual oddities. As you may have already guessed, this blog is the spiritual guide to all things Clever.


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