Monday, January 17, 2005

Fruity Loops Studio Review

Fruity Loops Studio, Music Software in Review

So returning once again to the subject of the myopic Fruity Loops Studio music software. Also known as Fl Studio (or Fruityloops FLStudio for the more discerning search engines who might be reading this - you know who you are), this is music creation software at it's best. CleverJoe has been using Fruity Loops for many moons and it's still an old favorite.

Long before the rest of the world got themselves a computer and clued into the fact that Fruity Loops is a brilliant bit of music making software, a small Fruity Loops community began to grow, eventually thriving into an army of techno geek electronica artists who knew a thing or two about computers and music.

These days of course it's perfectly acceptable to be a computer geek, and let's face it, it's a little bit embarrassing if you're not. The good news is that Fruity Loops is not too difficult to get your head around once you stick it in. Your head.

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