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Not all music lesson books or teaching methods are created equal. The books listed here have been reviewed and are among the better ones available. 24 Hour Shipping in Canada, USA & Worldwide

Piano For Dummies
by Blake Neely, Cherry Lane Music, Mark Phillips
Piano for Dummies Okay, so the title and book cover design are extremely overused (whoever came up with the original title must be just rolling in dough from the licensing fees), but this is a really good book for those with absolutely no previous music experience. It gently walks you through the basics of learning piano, and you'll be playing tunes for the family pet before you know it.


How to Play Keyboards
by Roger Evans
How to Play Keyboards A very popular book, How To Play Keyboards takes you step by step, adding chords and notes as you go along. Get this book if you want to learn keyboarding in a easy but challenging way!


How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons
by Norman Monath, David Hal
How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons Another excellent book for beginners. Many piano books are either too complicated, or too simplistic. This book, however, falls right in the middle and will help you understand the most important ideas in music, such chords and scales, harmony and melody, improvisation. This book is geared toward getting you "up and playing" in the simplest, fastest way. It is better suited to the person who wants to learn the basics, and how to play out of fake books and begin improvising. It is probably not the best choice for those who want to learn more advanced theory of music.


How to Play Piano
How to Play Piano As the other books in this series, this is an excellent book which takes you through easy and intuitive steps to learning to play piano. Great book for both adults and kids alike.


Basic Guide to How to Read Music
by Helen Cooper
Basic Guide To How To Read Music As the title of this music instruction book implies, this is a basic and concise guide to reading music. Geared towards those who are complete beginners in music, this book will make the initial steps of learning to read music an easy process. While you will probably need to graduate to more advanced music instruction fairly quickly, this easy to use book helps make the initial baby steps of learning to read music easy and enjoyable.


How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons
What Music Is and How to Make It at Home
by Ward Cannel, Fred Marx
How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons Frustrated? Have no idea how to play piano? Want to play really badly (or can play really badly...)? This is a great book. One former pathetic piano player, who used the book to earn his way to "hey-- not so pathetic piano player" says:
"You will learn even if you don't want to."
It's true. If you want to learn but hate to learn, get this book.


Learn To Play Blues Piano: 10 Easy Lessons
Book, CD & Poster
Learn To Play (Koala Series)
Learn To Play Blues Piano: 10 Easy Lessons Want to play the blues? This great little package will have your fingers tickling the ivories in the styles of the great blues masters themselves. This is an intuitive instruction method which includes a CD, instruction book and a poster as well. It teaches you the basic blues chords, chord symbols, the 12 bar blues, chords inversions, swing and shuffle rhythms, blues improvisation and a whole lot more. This is best "learn to play blues piano" music instruction book and CD this side of New Orleans.


How to Play Piano by Ear
by Duane Shinn
How to Play Piano by Ear Want to learn to play piano, but the thought of having to learn to read music is a bit scary? This book is for you. Absolutely the best book for learning to play piano by ear. We all have a musical ear, don't let anyone tell you differently. This book will help bring out the music that is inside of you! Highly recommended.


Blues Piano : A Hands-On Course in Traditional Blues Piano
Listen and Learn CD and Book
by David Cohen
Blues Piano : A Hands-On Course in Traditional Blues Piano Here is another excellent music instruction book and audio CD combination. If you are a piano player with some experience, the book will guide you through the blues scales, chords ad patterns while the CD supports the lessons with superb samples by Cohen. If you want to learn traditional blues for piano, this book and CD are a must have.


At the Beginning : Teaching Piano to the Very Young Child
by Rhoda Rabin
At the Beginning : Teaching Piano to the Very Young Child For children between the ages of 3-7, a great book that lets kids learn music in an exciting, creative and fun way. A very comprehensive book that offers the parent or teacher guidance in introducing and instructing young children in music. This is also a superb teacher's book, and will help you prepare great lessons which will inspire your students to learn in fun and challenging ways.


Super Sight-Reading Secrets
An Innovative, Step-By-Step Program for Musical Keyboard Players of All Levels
by Howard B. Richman
Super Sight-Reading Secrets: An Innovative, Step-By-Step Program for Musical Keyboard Players of All Levels A very concise, simple yet powerful musician's tool. Well known by many great musicians, this book is a highly valuable tool for pianists of all musical backgrounds and levels.

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