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Canadian Band 'Everything At Once'

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Everything At Once
Canadian Band Rising To The Top

by Stephanie Dawe, a journalist from the Toronto area.

It's what every band dreams of: fame. To take it from the basement to the big time. But what does it take to make a real rock band? Well it takes a record deal, which these five can tell you ain't easy. Here's how they did it.

It all started in 2002 when former "Pardon my Parka" band member Stu Sisler got together with Tim Lalonde, Stephan Przybysz and brothers Carl and Al Redmond. The Redmond's are originally from Ireland. They became "Everything At Once". After a year of writing their own music and practicing in their garage, they finally got the big break they were looking for, well sort of. After hearing their live show, Tom Treumuth was impressed with their original material and agreed to produce their independent recording. Known Canadian rock bands such as Voivod and Kataklsym have also had the chance to record with Treumuth. Dan Brodbeck (The Salads, Jersey, Headstrong) engineered and co-produced their first three song demo at the EMAC studios. As it turns out, it was a hit, and was entered into the HTZ FM 97.7 contest in 2003, taking home a deserved second place prize. They didn't stop there.

After a year with no record deal to call their own, they practiced and perfected their hits and after a successful opening support show at the Opera House with TRAPT and an amazing showcase for SL. FELDMAN and associates, they got what they were looking for. Jeff Craib from SL.FELDMAN and associates became their exclusive agent and in early 2005, Everything At Once signed a record deal with Linus Entertainment, with Universal handling the distribution and promotions. The group also got the chance to gain publicity when they wooed the audience at the Hamilton club "Absinthe". Later they got the chance to meet others from the industry, and a chance to see what it's like for the real rock stars when they were invited to the Toronto Much Music Video Awards show.

The music industry is one of the hardest industries to crack, so how is this small town band handling the rise? Well actually pretty good, I got the chance to sit down with the five and the first thing I noticed was how easy going they were about the whole deal, explaining to me how they've worked so hard and although they aren't famous yet, they still have a long way to go. They were also quick to say they are very proud of what they have accomplished so far and happy they've had the opportunity to get this far. They all agree, they just want to play music and write songs. It was never really about the fame for them, Stu says. "I just want to play". Al added "I'm just glad we've been given the chance to be on the radio, that doesn't happen to alot bands, and I hope people like us, I hope they respond". So the fame hasn't gone to their heads. I asked the band why they haven't played in many local clubs or bars and they had an interesting answer. They explained when they make it they wanted to make it big, and not just be known as 'that band you seen in that club before'. They thought they would have a better chance just practicing and trying to get a deal, and that way when they came out no one knows them yet, and no one can judge them until they hear them. Well, it seems they are doing everything right so far.

When the band signed with Linus Entertainment in early 2005, they recorded their first full length album, produced by Tom Treumuth. The self titled debut album, a double disk with a dvd on one side and the album on the other, is set to be released on August 2nd. With Stu on bass guitar, Al on vocals, Carl on guitar, Steph playing drums and Tim playing both guitar and vocals, they wrote their first single "Find My Own Place", which is set to hit the radio, 97.7 hitz fm on the second of August. This will be followed by the video which was shot in Hamilton and directed by Chris Stacey. Shortly after the release they intend to start planning their anticipated Canadian tour.

They are taking the whole process one step at a time and trying to do everything right. With rock music on the rise this is sure to be a success story. What sets them apart from the rest however is a certain edge to them that is sure to attract many fans. So look out for Everything At Once, the next BIG thing in rock.

Visit everythingatonce.ca to see more.

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