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Written by Greigg Fraser

Loose Ends

A common problem for both electric and acoustic guitars is loose frets. This is when a fret becomes unseated in the fingerboard and sticks up higher than the other frets. This almost always happens on the fret ends under either of the "E" strings and causes buzzing and dead notes, as well as a danger to your fingers!

To detect the problem you need a straight edge, like a metal ruler or something similar. You lay the straight edge on the frets in line with the strings in the suspect area. Press on either end of the ruler and if you experience any "rocking" that will indicate the troublesome fret.

You should notice that the fret can be pressed down in place, but of course just pops back up again. To reseat the fret, first remove your strings then put a strip of masking tape on the fingerboard on either side of the bad fret. Then place a drop or two of "crazy glue" on either side of the fret allowing it to run down into the fret slot. Next you press the loose fret end into the slot and hold firmly for several seconds until the glue takes hold. The masking tape should keep any excess glue from leaking out over the fingerboard. Next use the straight edge to check your work to be sure the fret is level with the others.

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