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Fruity Loops (FL Studio) Book Review

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Fruity Loops (FL Studio) Book Review:

Fruityloops: The Ultimate Electronic Virtual Music Studio
by Jim Aikin

Fruity Loops is quite simply one of the very best music making software packages available today. Electronica musicians have known about FruityLoops (now called FL Studio) for years, and it has evolved into a monolithic musician's composition tool.

If you are new to Fruity Loops, and software-based drum pattern generators in general, get this book. Jim Aikin is one of the true guru's of the industry, contributing to Keyboard magazine and Electronic Musician for many, many moons.

His book is presented in a well thought out manner, and gives you a gentle tour through the plethora of features and functions that Fruity Loops has hidden under it's belt. CleverJoe has personally used FL for years, and it's truly a great musician's tool. Aikin's book could save you hours of time, and will definitely give you a huge leg up if you are just starting out.

Another reviewer mentioned that the book is probably not for people who are already familiar with FruityLoops, and CleverJoe agrees to a certain extent. The book is geared towards newbies, and Jim Aikin does an excellent job at facilitating the new user to create music quickly. However, seasoned pro's may also learn a new trick or two from this book. Highly recommended book, especially for musicians new to Fruity Loops. gives "Fruityloops: The Ultimate Electronic Virtual Music Studio" three thumbs up.

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